The logic behind Manifest 11

Preparation for civil services examinations is laid with misguided paths. The offer made today for the students by various guidance programs is one coated with hyperbole, exaggerated dreams and magic pills. In this mad rush for overnight success, aspirants actually end up giving minimum of 3 years to achieve success.

In this entire brouhaha of selling dreams the “UPSC Bazaar” is focusing on dumping of materials (specifically current affairs), giving their own way of preparation to meet the market needs and taking away the aspirants from the “UPSC way.”  This is not to deny the importance of material available, but somewhere the aspirants are not being made capable to choose the right material available on different sites and provided by different institutes.

We, the MANIFEST team thought that there is no point in creating one more current affairs site and make you go bonkers! We want to make you WISE! WISE to choose the right thing from the plethora of material available. The initiative MANIFEST 11 is not just a KNOWLEDGE BUILDER but also gives you tools to build the knowledge on your own. Read more…

How to use Manifest 11

Please follow the following guidelines to reap the best out of the initiative for your preparation.

  • Categorize all your sources into these 11 sections.
  • Do not separate your static and current topics. Let everything be in these 11 sections.
  • In each article or issue following are the sections.Read more…

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