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Good Governance Index

Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: Good Governance and its impact on socio economic development is far and wide. The need for better governance sets apart institutions which are lasting, able to get on with development at the grassroots and inclusive at the same time. In news: ‘Good Governance Index’ was launched...
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Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: NCLAT has been an active instrument and institution for appeals under IBC, companies act and various other matters such as copyrights, directors etc. The importance as an institutional perspective for UPSC is paramount by looking at its growing stature with more and more issues of corporate...
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Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) amendments

Posted on23 Aug 2019
Source: Business Standard Manifest pedagogy: CSR and its importance can be understood from the dimension of stakeholders, governance and brand management. One needs to go through emerging issues such as companies act, philanthropy, value of giving etc not only as a means to understand CSR but also ethical, social and...
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Corporate Governance in India

Posted on23 Nov 2018
Manifest Pedagogy Issues such as bank failures, NPA and Insolvency and Bankruptcy have been in news. UPSC may ask interdisciplinary questions relating aspects of financial reforms with a broader scope of their impact on the economic system and business ethics. Further issues like Satyam scam, global financial turmoil, too big...
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