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Merger of black holes

Posted on22 May 2020
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: Black holes remain the mysterious forces in the universe. With the advancement in space science, man is able to understand different phenomena related to these black holes. This topic is important for upsc prelims as a new phenomenon is observed for the first time in binary...
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Posted on15 May 2020
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: India’s gesture of helping the USA with the drug has played a crucial role at difficult times. The antimalarial drug has to be studied emphasising on its content, use and side effects. Also, it has to be studied from the angle of diplomacy. In news: India...
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Posted on15 May 2020
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: Food fortification and biofortification are novel biotechnology solutions to fight India’s hidden hunger. If implemented across the country proactively, the child health indicators in specific and all social indicators in general will improve. The food processing and the agricultural research have to get impetus in this...
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Convalescent plasma therapy

Posted on24 Apr 2020
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: In the pursuit of mitigating the spread of and fatality due to COVID-19, the researchers, scientists and doctors are on war footing. In that direction the convalescent plasma therapy has given some hope. This therapy and its effects have to be studied for mains. The technicalities...
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