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Data Localisation and India’s stand

Manifest Pedagogy In the era where data is the new oil, the data localization has taken centre stage. India’s draft e-commerce policy and B N Srikrishna committee report is of prime importance for an aspirant. The pros and cons of data localization for the hugely populated country like India has...
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RDX and its usage

Manifest Pedagogy: The chemicals which make news are very important as far as prelims is concerned, may they be the chemicals used in firecrackers or taste enhancers (Like MSG) or RDX. One has to learn the chemical composition of them. As far as the Mains is concerned, the regulation of...
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Gauging a Thundercloud

Manifest Pedagogy: Material physics or meteorology may seem as a very deep science topic but UPSC has asked questions in those sections. For example: Higgs Boson and Einstein’s theory of relativity. Even though the topics look tougher to digest by the students from Humanities background but they need to remember...
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SpaceX and its achievements

Manifest Pedagogy SpaceX activities are as important as ISRO’s or NASA’s activities. One has to note down the first-of-its-kind programs of SpaceX be it in space exploration or aeronautics. It will help in both prelims and mains as far as achievements in the field of science and technology. In news...
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