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Chandrayaan -2

Posted on09 Aug 2019
Click here for our previous article on the same topic Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: ISRO is in full swing in terms of its back to back successful missions. It is not heeding to its failures. With the initial setback it bounced back to meet its self set deadline. Chandrayaan...
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Automated facial recognition system(AFRS)

Posted on19 Jul 2019
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy Policing and investigation can be made easy with the advent of technology. In that pursuit the AFRS system is a much needed adoption. The technology part is important for prelims and this step is important for mains to write as part of technology in governance...
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National mission on natural language translation

Posted on12 Jul 2019
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy Science and Technology as a subject in UPSC is not meant for expertise but as an administrator one need to know the application part of it. Linkages between S and T and culture is a highly important dimension as technology can play a key role...
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