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UAPA amendment Bill 2019

Posted on15 Aug 2019
Manifest pedagogy: Recently the central government has passed a plethora of laws to strengthen the security of the nation from external state and non- state actors. In this light, knowing a brief history of the anti-terror laws in India is necessary in understanding the current amendments. Apart from this there...
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Foreign contribution regulation Act, 2010 (FCRA)

Posted on18 Jul 2019
Source: Business standard Manifest pedagogy Development industry which is part of Polity is usually neglected by students. Issues related to pressure groups, NGOs are related to this topic. The issue of NGOs has been a lot in news due to amendments proposed to FCRA. The present issue has to be...
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National Security Advisor

Posted on07 Jun 2019
Manifest Pedagogy The role and significance of NSA has varied with changing regime. In recent time it has emerged as powerful body for policy matters related to security. Being in news it could be asked both at prelims and mains. In news Ajit doval re appointed NSA Placing it in...
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RDX and its usage

Posted on31 May 2019
Manifest Pedagogy: The chemicals which make news are very important as far as prelims is concerned, may they be the chemicals used in firecrackers or taste enhancers (Like MSG) or RDX. One has to learn the chemical composition of them. As far as the Mains is concerned, the regulation of...
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