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Styrene gas

Source: IE Manifest pedagogy: Disasters are not new to mankind. The below topic gives the picture of human negligence in dealing with one such man made disaster and aftermath of such incidents. This topic is important from prelims perspective. In news: Styrene gas leaked recently in one of the storage tanks...
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Glacier melting

Source: Down to earth Manifest pedagogy: Since the advent of the industrial revolution the phenomenon of glacier melting has gained pace. The impact that this event is having on earth is really dangerous and is increasing everyday more. Studying the consequences is important for mains. In news: Recent years have seen...
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Fire safety code for buildings

Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: Fire incidents are on rise these days due to improper precautionary measures taken by authorities as well as negligence. This topic deals with the measures to be taken to mitigate such ill happenings. It deals with disaster management and is important from mains perspective. Placing it...
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The beneficiaries of coronavirus

Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a breather for the activities on earth and has enabled the environment to restore itself. As a fodder for essay and environment questions in mains, this dimension would help. In news: Coronavirus outbreak has reduced carbon emissions  Dimensions: Impact of coronavirus...
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