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Global Entrepreneurship Summit-2019

Manifest Pedagogy GES events, places and themes are important for global economy and themes are of particular relevance for mains. The technology ideas form the basis for many prelims questions and moreover relevance for ideas discussed during the event related to India should remain a key focus area. In  news...
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Government to hold 100% stakes in NHB and NABARD

Manifest Pedagogy NABARD and NHB hold importance as regulatory bodies facilitating key government initiatives in agriculture, housing and upliftment of weaker sections. One must be able to recall key role, importance and functions of such bodies for both prelims and mains. In news RBI sells its entire stake in NHB...
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OECD’s STRI Index and India

Manifest Pedagogy Various reports, indices and organisations are important in terms of organisations who are involved, criterion they take into picture and steps which countries take to improve rankings. They are of particular relevance for prelims and policy analysis related to attractiveness of nations may be subject for mains examination....
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RBI delays implementation of Ind-As

Manifest Pedagogy IND-As,IRFS,NFRA and other regulatory aspects especially in banking and public policy. These have to be studied in conjunction with issues of black money, money laundering, risks in banks and NBFCS etc. one needs to know the implications and pros and cons of regulatory changes in these sectors for...
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