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Additional judges

Posted on21 May 2020
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: Judiciary is in news for historic judgements in the recent past. However certain flaws do remain in its functioning. Hence any topic on judiciary is important for the aspirants both from prelims as well as mains point of view. In news: Recently a District judge plea...
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Posted on14 May 2020
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: Tribunals are treated as a less expensive, speedy, alternate judicial mechanism to the courts. But in recent times judicial independence of these institutions has been marred. This topic focuses on new rules which intend to correct the blunders done so far. It’s important both from prelims...
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Supreme Court and Limitation Act

Posted on14 May 2020
Source: ET Manifest pedagogy: The topic deals with the plenary powers of the Supreme Court as well as steps taken by it to maintain social distancing in the judiciary. It also explains the scope of the Limitation Act.  In news: SC has invoked Limitation Act Placing it in syllabus: Supreme Court...
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Death Penalty and Shatrughan Chauhan Case

Posted on07 May 2020
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: With the delay in Nirbhaya case verdict and a central government plea for soceity centric guidelines in case of death penalty, different Supreme Court decisions in this regard is important for UPSC mains.  In news: Central government had pushed for faster review of mercy petitions in...
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