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India and China Border issues discussed on the sidelines of SCO summit

Manifest pedagogy: SCO summit happened recently. Many issues of regional interest were discussed at the forum. The entire topic needs to be studied from the following dimensions SCO summit and important decisions Importance of SCO for India Bilateral issues like border problems between India and China(dealt with in the present...
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Chagos archipelago

Manifest Pedagogy Chagos as issue is important not just due to the ICJ ruling but also because it forms part of Indian Ocean which is gaining importance in recent times. This topic should be studied from both International and Geographical perspectives. In news The International Court of Justice opinion on...
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OHCHR Report on Jammu and Kashmir

Manifest Pedagogy Human Rights as a topic is highly relevant this year across disciplines. In polity NHRC celebrated its 25 years of formation last year. India became the member of UNHRC the third time. And bow comes the issue of Kashmir. Hence one needs to study the topic thoroughly from...
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Italy signs the new Silk Road protocol with China

Manifest Pedagogy: BRI has been in news for the past few years. The most relevant topic with respect to this issue is the CPEC. In terms of recent developments Italy joining BRI becomes important along with the recent meet on BRI announcing BRI 2.0. In news Italy signs the new...
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