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Kailash Manasarovar Yatra

Posted on14 May 2020
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: India and neighborhood relations is a hot topic for UPSC. The natural landscapes involved, interests of the nations concerned, diplomatic ties which they are engaged in all needs to be studied. In news: The Defence Minister recently inaugurated a road route through Uttarakhand to reach...
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US to host G7

Posted on14 May 2020
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: G7 and G20 are two different power blocs in the world today who have gained significance with the growing multipolar world order. Hence it is necessary to read both from prelims as well as mains perspective.  In news: Trump to host G7 meeting via video conference...
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Posted on07 May 2020
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: This topic focuses on the functions and role played by Interpol in solving international crimes. It also deals with different notices dealt by Interpol. Hence it is important both from prelims and mains perspective. In news: The Interpol had issued a Blue Corner Notice against self-styled...
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J & K and Human rights council

Posted on13 Mar 2020
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: UNHRC is an important international institution. It has been in news recently for reasons ranging from the US withdrawal of funding to its stand on the J&K issue. The static dimension of structure and functioning of UNHRC is important for us. In news: The UN Human...
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