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Intermediate-Range Nuclear force (INF) treaty

Posted on08 Aug 2019
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy:This is a topic which has cross cutting linkages with two subjects – World History and International Relations. It should be studied as part of the Cold war and nuke race and also link it with present nuke race and denuclearization efforts.INF treaty in itself could...
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ICC verdict on Bosco Ntaganda

Posted on01 Aug 2019
Source:  The Hindu Manifest pedagogy Two institutions have been a lot in news this year.One is ICJ and the other ICC. Both being judicial organs have both similarities and differences. Hence a conservative perspective is a possibility in exams In news DR Congo’s Bosco Ntaganda is convicted for war crimes...
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NATO ally like status to India

Posted on11 Jul 2019
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy Indo-U.S relations has been in news both for increasing closeness and frictions between the two. Students will get a holistic view about the relations if they read the GSP article in the same section and also GSP (Generalized System of Preferences) related articles from Economy...
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RCEP and India

Posted on05 Jul 2019
Manifest pedagogy RCEP and other regional groupings are important to leverage India’s concern under globalisation 4.0, protectionism, trade wars and India’s belief in multilateralism. Groupings and its membership, structure, roles and importance are both important for prelims and mains In news Recently 13 countries have opposed India’s proposal for strict...
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