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LAC standoff at Ladakh and Sikkim

Source: The Hindu Related Issue Manifest pedagogy: India-China bilateral relations is an important topic for UPSC. Now with the standoff of both armies at the LAC, one has to study in detail the history of Indo-China border dispute including aftermath of Sino-Indian wars. In news: Tensions have continued between India and...
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Nehruvian Foreign Policy

Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: In the inter-connected and an increasingly globalised world, foreign policy has essentially become a tool to pursue cooperative relationships for sustainable development and well being of citizens. In this context the foreign policy of India pursued by Nehru is relevant even today. In news: May 27th...
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Sino Indian war of 1962

Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: The Sino Indian war of 1962 is a very important event in post independent Indian history. It led to a broader realignment in the international outlook of India and tethered it’s foreign policy to realism. What are the events which led to this war, its consequences...
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Beirut Declaration and Arab League

Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: Regional and international groupings are hot topics for UPSC. As Arab league is completing 75 years this year, it’s origin, membership and functions are important from prelims point of view. It is also necessary to know how the ties of India with the league has evolved...
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