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The National Education Policy draft-2019

Manifest Pedagogy Education as topic has to be studied from two dimensions. One from the angle of Society and the other from the point of Polity. The policy becomes important in the context of rejecting the earlier report by TSR Subramaniam committee. And the contentious issue of Hindi language has...
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Death penalty in India

Manifest Pedagogy: Death Penalty has been an issue in news for a long time now. The case related to assassins of Rajiv Gandhi made the issue prominent. It needs to be studied from three dimensions Polity aspects of Death Penalty Mercy petition and Clemency powers Social aspects analysis pros and...
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Reservation in promotion

Manifest Pedagogy: Reservation as an issue has been in news for the past two to three years with many upper caste groups demanding for reservation. It got highlighted with the provision for reservation to EWS section . And now comes the judgment on Reservation in promotion. Hence it needs to...
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Transgenders and issues related to their rights

Manifest Pedagogy: Sexual Identity and Sexual orientation are two important topics for this year prelims and mains. In these topics three landmark cases are important for the exam: Puttaswamy judgment on Privacy, NALSA judgment on Transgenders and Navtej Singh Johar judgment on Section 377. In news Madras High Court’s recent...
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