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One country two systems fallout-Hongkong protests

Manifest pedagogy: Colonization and Decolonization form an important aspect of the syllabus of World History. The colonization of China is a unique aspect of world history. The process of decolonisation of Hongkong and Macau and their integration into Mainland China is a Historical event in the making. This could be...
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Language issues in post Independence of India

Manifest pedagogy:     Language issue is a prominent topic in Post- Independent Indian consolidation.One of the major issues of national consolidation post independence. The issue of language has sorted itself out after a heated debate in constitutional and political fields.  The resolution of the language issue clearly shows the maturity and...
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30 years of Tiananmen Square Protest

Manifest Pedagogy Tiananmen Square incident is a major event in modern World History. It defined to the world the peculiar form of Communism which got established in China post-Mao which integrates a form of market capitalism with an authoritarian government. This year marks 30 years of Tiananmen square which might...
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History of electoral politics in India

Manifest pedagogy: This year the General Election has taken the center stage and newspapers and news channels in their high audible discussions talked about the possible results.  This might pike the examiners interest in the history of democratic politics in India. They have asked questions on analysing the changing trends...
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