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Intermediate-Range Nuclear force (INF) treaty

Posted on08 Aug 2019
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy:This is a topic which has cross cutting linkages with two subjects – World History and International Relations. It should be studied as part of the Cold war and nuke race and also link it with present nuke race and denuclearization efforts.INF treaty in itself could...
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75 years of Bretton woods

Posted on23 Jul 2019
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy The current International Economic Model is based on an elaborate system of conventions and institutional arrangements. The basis for all these arrangements has been laid in the Bretton woods financial architecture established in the post war scenario. The evolution of this system is an important...
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Ayodhya Issue

Posted on16 Jul 2019
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy Ayodhya – Ramjanmabhoomi – Babri Masjid issue is a deeply sensitive communal issue. A fair idea of the time line of the event and the effects it triggered is necessary for UPSC aspirants. Though they might not be directly asked in prelims or mains but...
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