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Sino Indian war of 1962

Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: The Sino Indian war of 1962 is a very important event in post independent Indian history. It led to a broader realignment in the international outlook of India and tethered it’s foreign policy to realism. What are the events which led to this war, its consequences...
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Fire safety code for buildings

Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: Fire incidents are on rise these days due to improper precautionary measures taken by authorities as well as negligence. This topic deals with the measures to be taken to mitigate such ill happenings. It deals with disaster management and is important from mains perspective. Placing it...
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Poona Pact

Posted on05 May 2020
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: The topic focuses on the fight led by leaders like Gandhiji and Dr.Ambedkar for the upliftment of depressed classes. As the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji was celebrated in 2019, his views on different issues are important mainly for mains. Placing it in syllabus: Modern Indian...
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History of epidemics in India

Posted on14 Apr 2020
Source: ET Manifest pedagogy: Corona crisis is nothing less than a global crisis . It will become part of the lived global experience and history in a few years.  In this article we take stock of the previous epidemics and pandemics which haunted India in the past. This article provides an...
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