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The Mineral Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2020

Posted on24 Mar 2020
Source: The Hindu UPDATE In news: Parliament recently passed The Mineral Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2020. Placing it in syllabus: Mining sector in India  Static dimensions: Mining laws in India Private sector and mining  Current dimensions: Recent changes in the bill Content: The Bill replaces the ordinance for amendment of the...
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Bushfires of Australia

Posted on14 Jan 2020
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: Bushfires are becoming more deadlier in recent times. Climate change induced by human activities is the cause for greater instances of forest fires. The topic especially the ways of tackling it could be asked in mains. In news: Australia is currently engulfed with smoke due to...
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Atal Bhujal Yojana(ATAL JAL)

Posted on31 Dec 2019
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: India including many parts of the world are faced with acute water scarcity. Indiscriminate and unscientific usage is depriving the basic need to majority of population in many parts of the country. There is enough resources which need to be managed properly. The provisions of...
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River water disputes in India – 2

Posted on31 Dec 2019
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: River water disputes related geographical facts and issues could be asked both at prelims and mains level. The issue related to tribunal, it’s award, setting up of single board etc should be emphasized from mains perspective. Placing it in syllabus: River water tribunals Dimensions: Ongoing river...
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