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Monsoon and its impact

Manifest pedagogy Monsoon as climatic phenomenon and dependency of south Asia economy on it have been asked earlier in mains. The topic has been repeated with different dimensions at mains in different years. Thorough preparation of the topic is a must both at prelims and mains.   In news The...
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Earth’s new epoch: Anthropocene

Manifest pedagogy: Human imprint on earth is profound, destructive and much of it is irreversible. Expansion of anthroposphere had disastrous consequences on lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. The above topic of human imprints on earth could be asked in mains and essay In news Proposals for Earth’s new epoch Anthropocene...
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Polar vortex and its impact on the climate

Manifest Pedagogy In the backdrop of severe winters in Gangetic plains and peninsular India, climatic phenomenon responsible for severe winters could be asked both at the prelims and mains level. In this topic understanding the linkages of Indian climate with respect to polar vortex, jet streams and western disturbances is...
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Indian Ocean Dipole, El Nino and Indian Monsoon

Manifest Pedagogy As a part of geography prelims, many climatic phenomenons especially with respect to Indian monsoon have been asked. Thorough conceptual understanding of the topic and interlinkages needs to prepared for answering the questions. In the backdrop of climate change, the topic also assumes importance from mains perspective. In...
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