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Deep Sea Mining

Posted on13 Aug 2019
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy: With depletion of resources over the continents, ocean has emerged an  important potent region of resources for human utility. The exploration and  exploitation of marine resources has led to many marine resources across the world. Marine resources and related issues are important from mains perspective...
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Posted on06 Aug 2019
Manifest pedagogy: Floods as part of geography and disaster management could be asked in mains. Large parts of India being affected by floods year after year, it could be and important area of preparation for upcooming mains In news: Different parts of India are affected by heavy rains and floods...
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Floods and River Linking

Posted on23 Jul 2019
Source: Rajya Sabha TV Manifest Pedagogy  India is a nation of contrasts on one side of the country you see floods on the other you see droughts. Time and again whenever a severe drought or flood occurs the debate on the need for Interlinking of Rivers rises. It is a...
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Impact of global warming-1

Posted on16 Jul 2019
Source: The Hindu Manifest pedagogy Global warming as a topic has been asked multiple times at both prelims and mains stage. Impact of global warming varies across the region and sectors. Specific impact are key areas for preparation for mains.   Placing it in syllabus Changes in critical geographical features Static...
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