‘Adversities Bring Out The Best In Human Beings’ ,goes an old saying and we all have realized this in many different ways with the threat which the entire humanity is facing today- COVID 19.

Everyone is doing his/her bit to fight the pandemic in his/her own way. Bankers have not taken off to continue with the essential services, Lawmakers are huddling up in the Parliament despite imminent threats, the entire Police fraternity is doing its duty risking itself and above all the medical practitioners, who are significantly vulnerable have been doing a commendable job. They have been successful in giving uninterrupted services of the essentials to a layperson. 

 And if for a layperson money, health and security are essentials, Knowledge is the lifeline of an IAS aspirant.’

We understand that a large number of students are facing problems due to the shutdown of reading rooms and downing the shutters of classes. A pertinent need of the time indeed but it should not stop us from moving ahead! So, We the Manifest IAS team felt that we should do our bit to ensure an  uninterrupted flow of knowledge. 

Some 20 days ago we had announced a paid program of Current Affairs which we did last year as well. It was a highly successful one as many questions appeared from the course last year. We could successfully target around 60+ questions last year!! To check, click here.

Now we are happy and also excited to announce that the entire paid program will be given for free through the online mode. Videos of the entire course shall be posted on our youtube channel, facebook and this course page as well. It will cover all the important topics from June last year (2019) to  May 15 (2020). The basic source will be The Hindu along with materials from varied sources.


What to expect from this course?

  • Everything which we had promised in the current affairs programme will be covered.
  • Don’t worry if you have missed reading the newspaper, these videos will be a panacea 
  • They are made by expert faculty. So nothing inessential will be included in the videos 
  • Every video will be focusing only on Prelims’ aspect about an issue. So you will be getting the best in the shortest time possible. Along with the videos PDF of the slides will also be provided for quicker revision. We understand that your time is precious.
  • Every video will also have objective questions relating to the topic discussed  for your practice 
  • You can ask your prelims’ preparation related queries by putting it out in the comments section. The faculty will reply to you within 24 hours
  • Thus, it will keep you in the loop of preparation and ensure that you are constantly motivated till your exam.

We have decided to realize our best in this time of adversity by working for you relentlessly. You do your bit without harboring any notions of the exam getting postponed (these thoughts do stem  knowing the fact that the Interviews have been rescheduled). Surely no one knows what lies ahead. When no one knows what is in store it is better not to work to know it but to work to tackle it .



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