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Course Highlights

  • 30 Tests (4 Basic NCERT + 10 Sectional + 4 Subject wise + 4 Comprehensive Tests + 8 CSAT)
  • 6 months of Comprehensive Preparation 
  • Week wise schedule
  • A detailed list of Subtopics 
  • Static and Current Integration 
  • Online test portal with Subtopic analysis
  • Data analytic trends focusing on candidates answering method of knowledge, elimination and random choice
  • Sunday Test and Tuesday Discussion for higher productivity 
  • Both Online and Offline mode available 

UPSC has been proving time and again the necessity for a focused and streamlined preparation for Prelims. By Civil Services Prelims Exam-2019, UPSC has made it clear that it is taking some unconventional paths. This method and approach of UPSC requires a preparation which has to be unconventional too. Traditional preparation and Mock test approach of coaching institutes will not work going ahead. There is a need to take a quantum leap in the approach for prelims in terms of content, time period allocated for preparation (Scheduling) and testing patterns.               


In the competition of making it to the Mains, most aspirants are running behind Test Series programmes which are not in sync with UPSC standards. The questions often disorient the preparation and drag the aspirants down to  Institutions way of preparing, which essentially UPSC is trying to break away from.  

We, Team Manifest IAS, have proved this year that our approach to Civil Services Prelims Exam -2019 is in the UPSC way by aligning our classrooms and tests to the UPSC standards. Our content relevance, which has given us brilliant results in terms of 60+ Direct hits in Prelims 2019. Kindly refer the link here for a proof of our claim.                                                  

Based on our experience of conducting a successful test series for Prelims 2019 and the lessons we learnt in the process, Manifest IAS is bringing a Test Series for UPSC CSE (Prelims) 2020. Our Test Series aims to be path-breaking in terms of the quality of questions and content, planning and scheduling of preparation and testing methodology.                                                                            

In terms of Quality of Questions, our track record of 60+ Direct Hits in CSE 2019 is proof of our commitment to follow the UPSC way.  We dedicate ourselves to be grounded and tethered by the UPSC way in the upcoming test series too. Our test series stands apart in the content section of the prelims test series as our three-pronged approach of Quality Questions, Synopsis and a thorough Discussion of the questions after the tests helps in widest coverage and consolidation of the concepts along with linkage with current affairs. The discussion will highlight the rationale for the question being asked, its relevance in the current context and various dimensions supporting and against the topic.

Most test series in the market today are providing half baked synopsis, which is irrelevant for many of the questions. They don’t even explore the underlying and alternate dimensions of a given question. If the concept behind the question is not thoroughly discussed and instilled in the minds of students, the entire process of testing will remain an incomplete endeavour with no sense of holism. It leads to mere frustration in the journey of preparation wherein, the candidate keeps fighting directionless in the competition, finally making his/her phase of UPSC preparation more of a punishment than a joy.

We acknowledge that Prelims is a major hurdle and even the most experienced candidates face the brunt. If this first hurdle is not cleared, hundreds of hours spent on structuring your Mains answers and building content goes in vain.

UPSC preliminary by its very nature requires a focused study with a firm grip over the concepts along with a thorough awareness of current developments. These days, the aspect of interdisciplinary questions are taking centre stage. This requires a preparation which is by design, able to handle the aforementioned dynamics of UPSC.

The test series provides for 4 kinds of tests:

  1. Basic NCERT Tests
  2. Sectional Tests
  3. Subject Wise Revision Tests (To help you consolidate)
  4. Full Length Simulated Tests (To help you acclimatise to UPSC standards)

The answer key and a brief synopsis will be provided after each test. Each test will be followed by a thorough test discussion by subject experts (Faculty Themselves). The faculty will not only solidify your understanding of the subject but also share tricks to tackle tougher questions.

The component of test discussion is the one which makes the course stand out. The test discussion will not be a mere discussion on the question given, it will also provide a detailed explanation of all associated concepts. It will also have a clear and succinct explanation of the concepts in multi-dimensions. 

This strategy of discussion will help you better than the unilateral synopsis approach as the discussion takes place after the tests. It will not only help in understanding the concepts but also in better retention. This method of instruction through discussion has been tried and proved to be very efficient in our previous test series. Because of the demand from some of our previous students, we are shifting the discussion for tests from Sunday to Tuesday. A discussion immediately after a test is leading to exhaustion and some aspirants were unable to focus on test discussion. For the tests being conducted on Sunday, the discussion will be held on Tuesday.

Planning and Scheduling of preparation 

Last academic year we have launched a test series in the month of January and we observed a genuine rush among the students and many faced time crunch for revision. This made us reconsider the schedule of preparation, instead of a traditional 5-month schedule we have come up with a 6-month schedule which starts from December. This approach has the advantage of a pacy schedule with nearly 2 months in the end which can accommodate 3 revisions easily. We at Manifest believe in a total of 4 revisions for both Static and Current sections which can help in better retention and performance on the D day

We also have come up with a day-wise schedule which helps the aspirants keep track of preparation and also gives necessary direction to preparation. This study module is designed keeping in mind the capacity and capabilities of Aspirants to cover the syllabus. 

A detailed list of Subtopics will be given to aspirants before every test on which the questions will be framed for the upcoming test. These Subtopics will give the necessary depth and direction to preparation. As the tests are based on the same Subtopic list, students can easily identify the areas of weakness on which they have to put extra efforts. (Our online portal automates the same method and gives brilliant insights for preparation).    

Testing patterns

The test series is available in both ONLINE and OFFLINE formats. Which provides the necessary flexibility for aspirants to engage with us in a way which best suits them.(Can choose to give test either online or offline for each individual tests as well, in total you get 3 attempts for each test)

Our online portal has many advantages. The traditional mock tests based on Pen and Paper exams have limitations in terms of the input it gives to students and the self-analysis it provides. And some online platforms are just replicating Pen and Paper tests on the digital platform without using the full capability of the digital domain. By considering these limitations and the dynamic nature of the preliminary exam we have come up with a data analytics-driven platform. This platform in one swoop captures numerous data points of the examinee like the time consumed for each question, the basis for answering a question (Knowledge, Elimination or Random Guess), the areas in which a student is weak and crunches the numbers to give useful insights to the aspirant. This platform uses the most advanced data analytics and logic trees to generate a report which gives a realistic assessment to the students and helps them reorient their preparation in UPSC way. 

Here, at Manifest IAS, we are trying to build synchrony between Knowledge and the most advanced technology-driven testing platform to help the students in getting the best out of Prelims Exam.

Aspirants can use a mix of both online and offline test series. If they are more comfortable with offline tests they can use them for taking tests and can attend the discussions and revise the tests online just before the final exam, which helps in better retention of the concepts.  

We, the Manifest Team will ensure that you are able to bring your best foot forward in your journey towards good results.               

Fees: Rs. 6000/-


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