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DateJun 10, 2019 - Jan 31, 2021
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Section 2ESSAY CLASS ON 16th JULY 2019
Section 3ESSAY CLASS ON 17th JULY 2019
Lecture 5TEST 1 YT061901
Lecture 6TEST 2 YT061902
Lecture 7TEST 3 YT061903Free Preview




1.Download and print the question paper

2.Write your answer as per the insructions provided in question paper

3.Mention your Email ID on the booklet front page

4.Mention number of pages you are going to scan on the front page

5.Scan all the pages of answer booklet in PDF format using CamScanner app

6.Mail the scanned PDF to [email protected] for evaluation

Discussion video:



Lecture 8TEST 4 YT061904
Lecture 9TEST 5 YT061905
Lecture 10TEST 6 YT061906
Lecture 11TEST 7 YT061907
Lecture 12TEST 8 YT061908
Lecture 13TEST 9 YT061909
Lecture 14TEST 10 YT061910
Lecture 15TEST 11 YT061911
Lecture 16TEST 12 YT061912
Lecture 17TEST 13 YT061913
Lecture 18TEST 14 YT061914
Lecture 19TEST 15 YT061915
Lecture 20TEST 16 YT061916
Lecture 21TEST 17 YT061917
Lecture 22TEST 18 YT061918
Lecture 23TEST 19 YT061919
Lecture 24TEST 20 YT061920
Lecture 25TEST 21 YT061921

NOTE:Tests will be evaluated for those writing in Kannada medium as well

This course is available in both Online and Offline mode


Answer writing is an art which takes an enormous amount of time and practice to master. 

Apart from the base set of good knowledge and command over the subject, it requires one to be proficient in the language, succinct in putting their ideas across and have good presentation skills. These skills can only be mastered by diligent and strategic efforts on the part of the aspirant. 

Many aspirants are very diligent with respect to their efforts, they spend an enormous amount of time in their daily answer writing practices. But the key link that they miss out on is the strategic inputs they require to improve upon their answers. Even if they practice a thousand questions without the proper help of a guide they will keep repeating the same mistakes. As experienced faculty at Manifest IAS, we have gone across the answer copies of innumerable aspirants and successful candidates. We have a clear idea of what works in UPSC Mains and what repeatedly fails.                                    

With this understanding, we are extending a course called the Year Long Test Series for students planning appear in UPSC Mains 2020. This course will be comprised of the following components:

  1. Thorough Coverage of the syllabus with ample time provided to read and revise.
  2. Total 26 tests: 17 GS Tests + 5 Essay Tests + 4 Ethics Tests with questions ranging from basics to interdisciplinary aspects along with current affairs of Manifest 11
  3. The answer scripts will be evaluated by using our Scientific method of Part wise evaluation 
  4. A thorough discussion of all questions along with the approaches of answer writing on the same day of the exam date
  5. One-on-one appointment with faculty through technology-mediated appointment system
  6. The programme also includes classes on generalized approach to essay writing and a detailed method of Brainstorming, Prioritizing and building narrative.

The unique aspect of the programme is to integrate current affairs with the static portions of the syllabus. For every test we have 20 questions of which 13  questions cater to the syllabus provided for the fortnight and the rest 7 questions are based on the current events which transpired in the past 15 days. For the current part of the syllabus, one can refer to articles from our Manifest 11 which are comprehensive articles on handpicked current affairs which are highly relevant for mains. This integrates the current with static and helps the students to streamline their current and static preparation.  

The programme is planned according to the needs of preparation. The components are exclusively mains relevant and are not covered in prelims like World History, Essay, Ethics, Internal Security, Disaster Management and Society sections. These sections which are exclusive mains topics will be covered early in the cycle of test series so that by the month of November your focus shifts to areas of common interest for both prelims and mains.  


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