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Organisation and efficiency in preparation are two values which are quite often neglected by aspirants. There is a famous story of Henry Ford the founder of Ford Motor company. He did not invent the car nor did he make any major innovation in the technicalities of the automobile. But his name is associated with car manufacturing around the world. His principles in production were rather simple and unassuming they were – Organisation and Efficiency. These two principles lead to the design of the Assembly line of Production which revolutionized the production process of automobiles. 

In this case, there was no major innovation there wasn’t any earth-shaking discovery, there was a simple fall back on the principles of Organisation and Efficiency. This case can be considered as a model for any job that we take up, more so for the long and tedious process of UPSC preparation.

In our experience of guiding many aspirants over the years, we have found a critical lapse in many brilliant aspirants which is, the absence of planning and efficiency in preparation. Aspirants either because of Fear or an enhanced sense of Self-confidence regularly change their strategies. Some aspirants because of a teary-eyed romanticism, read and reread the subject of their liking at the exclusion of all others. Some others become too fanciful and read different sources during every revision, ultimately leading to minimum retention with maximum effort. 

All these are sure recipes for failure in preliminary.

If we keep aside the moral judgements on failed aspirants and scientifically assess why they are failing to clear prelims, we find some critical flaws in their preparation like:

  1. Having Hazy picture about the objective. 
  2. Lapse of continuity or organisation in preparation. 
  3. Absence of Efficiency in capitalising on their efforts. 

The principles of a Clear vision, Organisation of preparation and Efficiency in the process of preparation are values which are beyond the reach of the four walls of a classroom programme. They are value commitments which a student should make in the process of preparation. They should form the bedrock of any proper preparation strategy. 

The beauty of these principles is that they will help the aspirants to go far beyond their own personal limitations. They are the silent and unsaid principles behind every successful aspirant’s success and the unsaid reasons behind every unsuccessful but serious aspirant ‘s failure. 

Manifest IAS has always been at the forefront of bringing about incremental and meaningful changes in UPSC preparation. Our classes, tests and various other programmes have a strong value commitment to the principles of Efficiency and Organisation with a clear vision of Making the UPSC preparation a Wise and Joyful experience. 

In this endeavour of ours, we have come up with a Self Study Guidance programme which is a culmination of our experience both as Aspirants and IAS trainers. This programme has a total of 6 components 

  1. A detailed Day wise plan for 150 days which includes 3 revisions of the entire syllabus.  
  2. Everyday challenger MCQ’s on our website to check your progress. (Starting from Day 16 i.e; 17th January, 2020)
  3. Free Current affairs capsules which are developed as a stack. 
  4. Free static materials for Ready Revision.
  5. Quality Improvement Classes – Free Orientation and Strategy classes on each subject  
  6. Intensive Prelims Test Series integrated into the Programme. 

This plan is made taking into consideration the felt needs of Aspirants for right direction during preparation. The plan is made with a clear vision of making wise decisions in UPSC preparation. The plan includes 150 days of day-wise planning for UPSC Prelims 2020. The first 15 days of the programme are dedicated to NCERT readings with integrated tests. This covers the basics of UPSC preparation. 

The first revision of static portion starts from the 16th day and goes on till the 90th day, it constitutes 75 days of preparation for Static subjects and current affairs. The timetable is designed to give equal justice to all subjects. It is also planned with three subject mandates per day so that the student can allocate 3 hours per day on each section. The subject mandates are also designed to create synchrony between Current and Static portions of the syllabus. After the first revision, the second revision Kicks in with Subject Wise comprehensive revisions integrated with Tests and Daily challengers for 31 days. The third Revision takes up pretty much the last leg of the preparation for 25 days. 

These three revisions build in aspirants the necessary knowledge base and accuracy to ace the exam. The standard principle of multiple revisions of the same sources for better retention is followed and upheld in this plan. 

To make an assessment of the everyday progress in each subject, we will be providing an Online Daily Challenger on our website. These questions will help the aspirants keep track of his retention capacity and accuracy in preparation.

Manifest IAS is planning to provide quick revision notes on every chapter in all standard textbooks which will help aspirants in making ready revisions possible. Note: these materials are being made as complementary to the textbooks, not as supplements. 

We at Manifest have observed that the current affairs preparation of aspirants is taking an unduly long time for aspirants and there is no one go-to material for current affairs. This is making the students run behind numerous materials which compromise on Organisation and Efficiency. To overcome this problem we are developing Current Affairs in the form of STACKS. These stacks are logically segregated into Subtopics like Space, IT, Biology etc.. under the subject category Science and Technology. These Stack materials will be released for 6 months of June to November current events in the first go. Then there will be 3-month stack from December to February. The last stack will a 2-month stack from March to April. This will help in the easy organisation of current affairs and better retention. This will be a more efficient and organised form of Current Affairs preparation as Manifest believes in Smart Work. 

Manifest IAS is planning to provide free online classes by our subject experts on the trends and patterns of UPSC prelims on every subject. These classes will help the students gain a better understanding of the changing trends in UPSC. These classes will help students to develop UPSC discretion in referring to various materials which will make aspirants preparation firmly grounded to UPSC demands. 

Our Intensive Prelims Test Series is an add on to the Self Study Guidance Programme. It consists of a total of 30 tests which are in Sync with the Self Study Guidance plan Programme. For more details on the same click below:

These above mentioned Six prongs of the Guided Self Study Plan will give proper direction and daily targets for the aspirants to help them maintain momentum in preparation. A committed following of the said plan has the potential to reap great benefits for the aspirants in Prelims 2020. All the best. 

         “A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise one learns from the mistakes of others.”


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