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DateOct 9, 2019 - May 17, 2020
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Aptitude is part of all competitive exams with a varied weightage in selection and varied degree of toughness. The time allocated for each aptitude question varies from exam to exam. And also vary the cut-offs and competition. What remains same is the topics which have to be covered. And few exams will demand some unique and specific topics to cover.

In that pursuit of helping the aspirants of different exams, Team Manifest is coming up with a unique programme of covering the aptitude part of all competitive exams. The programme is divided in two phases.

Phase 1: It will cover all necessary and common topics required for all competitive exams.

Phase 2: It will cover exam-specific unique topics once the notification of the particular exam is out.

Our analysis on CSAT papers since 2011

The Time table for Phase 1 is as below:

Class Timings: 7:30AM to 9:30AM (Conducive time to learn aptitude)

Date Day Topics
09-Oct-19 Wednesday Introduction and Number System
11-Oct-19 Friday Number System
14-Oct-19 Monday Number Series
16-Oct-19 Wednesday Average
18-Oct-19 Friday Percentage
21-Oct-19 Monday Ratio and Proportion
23-Oct-19 Wednesday Mixtures and Alligations
25-Oct-19 Friday Blood Relations
30-Oct-19 Wednesday Directions and Coding
01-Nov-19 Friday Reading Comprehension
12-Nov-19 Tuesday Simple Interest and Compound Interest
14-Nov-19 Thursday Simple Interest and Compound Interest
16-Nov-19 Saturday Profit and Loss
19-Nov-19 Tuesday Profit and Loss
21-Nov-19 Thursday Partnerships
26-Nov-19 Tuesday Calendars
28-Nov-19 Thursday Clocks
30-Nov-19 Saturday Reading Comprehension
03-Dec-19 Tuesday Venn Diagrams
05-Dec-19 Thursday Syllogisms
16-Dec-19 Monday Time and Work
18-Dec-19 Wednesday Pipes and Cistern
20-Dec-19 Friday Reading Comprehension
23-Dec-19 Monday Time, Speed and Distance
26-Dec-19 Thursday Problems on trains
30-Dec-19 Monday Problems on Boats
02-Jan-20 Thursday Puzzles
07-Jan-20 Tuesday Puzzles
09-Jan-20 Thursday Seating Arrangement
15-Jan-20 Wednesday Reading Comprehension
17-Jan-20 Friday Reading Comprehension
21-Jan-20 Tuesday Seating Arrangement
04-Feb-20 Tuesday Permutations and Combinations
06-Feb-20 Thursday Permutations and Combinations
11-Feb-20 Tuesday Probability
13-Feb-20 Thursday Data Interpretation (Tabulation)
18-Feb-20 Tuesday Data Interpretation (Line and Bar Chart)
20-Feb-20 Thursday Data Interpretation (Pie Chart)
25-Feb-20 Tuesday Reading Comprehension


UPSC Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) Mock Tests

[NOTE: All students can take these tests freely]

Date Day Tests
09-Nov-19 Saturday CSAT Unit Test 1
14-Dec-19 Saturday CSAT Unit Test 2
01-Feb-20 Saturday CSAT Unit Test 3
07-Mar-20 Saturday CSAT Unit Test 4
19-Apr-20 Sunday CSAT Simulated Test 1
03-May-20 Sunday CSAT Simulated Test 2
10-May-20 Sunday CSAT Simulated Test 3
17-May-20 Sunday CSAT Simulated Test 4

Class Timings: 7:30AM to 9:30AM (Conducive time to learn aptitude)