7 Aug 2020

ChangeNOW Summit 2020Quick read

The Change NOW, an International summit for change was held in Paris from 30th January to 1st February 2020

About Change NOW

  • Change NOW is all about concrete action and innovations that matter: climate change, end of plastic pollution, new forms of agriculture, new models of education, solutions to refugees crisis, clean energy, sustainable cities, and other solutions to our most urgent global issues

Eight Areas of Focus to tackle the world’s most urgent issues 

  • Based on the UN Sustainable Development goals ,the summit considers the following 8 areas as the most urgent Global Issues of the XXIst century,  and for which practical and sustainable solutions can be developed:
  • Clean Air & Water: Solutions to reduce or monitor pollution, be it pollution of air or pollution of oceans, seas and rivers.
  • Sustainable and accessible Energy: Solutions related to production or distribution of clean energy, as well as solutions to make energy accessible, affordable and sustainable to off-the-grid areas.
  • Preserved Biodiversity: Solutions to protect or reintroduce biodiversity, as well as solutions to promote a better knowledge of biodiversity.
  • Sustainable construction and production: Solutions to reduce the amount of resources used, to develop production from renewable and recycled materials, as well as solutions to promote sustainable consumption.
  • Good Health and Well Being:  Solutions to help prevent, diagnose or cure widespread diseases, as well as solutions to promote sanitation and well-being for all.
  • Quality Education: Solutions to improve educational tools and methods, as well as solutions to develop access to education for all.
  • Peace and Humanity: Solutions to reduce conflicts, discriminations, refugee crisis, as well as solutions to promote peace and solidarity.

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