13 Jul 2020

National Animal Disease Control Programme (NADCP)Quick read

Why is it in the news?

  • NADCP was launched recently, aimed at eradicating ‘Foot and Mouth disease’ (FMD) and ‘Brucellosis’ in livestock.

What is this program?

NADCP programme aims to

  • Vaccinate over 500 million livestock heads, including cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats and pigs against FMD.
  • Vaccinate over 36 million female bovine calves annually against Brucellosis.
  • The programme has received 100% funding from the Centre, for 5 years until 2024.
  • The NADCP aims to control these 2 diseases by 2025 and to eradicate them by 2030.

 FMD (Foot and Mouth disease)

  • It is a highly infectious viral disease of livestock.
  • It is generally not fatal in adult animals but leaves them severely weakened.
  • It results in a drastically reduced production of milk.
  • Therefore, it financially ruinous for dairy farmers.
  • Infected animals get a fever, sores in their mouth, on their teats, and between their hooves.
  • It spreads through excretions and secretions, infected animals also exhale the virus.
  • It is endemic in several parts of Asia, most of Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Central, North and Latin America, continental Western Europe are FMD-free.


  • This is a zoonotic disease that is endemic in most parts of the country.
  • It causes early abortions in animals and prevents the add it

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