10 Jul 2020

Lucknow DeclarationQuick read

Recently India and 50 African nations have signed ‘Lucknow Declaration’ fo enhanced collaboration. It was signed during first India- Africa  Defence Minister’s conclave

What is Luck now Declaration?

It states that all the signatories “commit to continue our collaboration in the fields of peace and security including conflict prevention, resolution, management and peace building through the exchange of expertise and training, strengthening regional and continental early warning capacities and mechanisms, enhancing the role of women in peacekeeping and propagating the culture of peace”.

Key highlights of the declaration

  • Terrorism: In Luck now Declaration, both sides committed themselves to fight against terrorism by not allowing their land to be used by any such outfit. Both sided decided to take action in rooting out terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, terrorist safe havens and infrastructure, disrupting terrorist networks and eliminating financing channels and halting cross-border movement of terrorists.
  • UN Counter-Terrorism mechanisms: Both the sides called for strengthening the UN Counter-Terrorism mechanisms and to ensure strict compliance with the UN Security Council sanctions regime on terrorism and Urge the international community to envisage the adoption of Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism in the UNGA.
  • Indo-Pacific region: the Declaration also stated that all member countries “encourage enhanced cooperation between India and Africa on the evolving concept of Indo-Pacific
  • African Union and SAGAR: Both sides welcomed the AU (African Union) vision for peace and security in Africa that coincides with India’s vision of SAGAR (Security and Growth for all in the Region) “Silence The Guns- Creating conducive conditions for African Development” is the African Union’s theme of the year. This vision is to achieve ‘a conflict-free Africa, prevent genocide, make peace a reality for all and rid the continent of wars, violent conflicts, human rights violations, and humanitarian disasters.
  • Defence: Both the sides called for deeper cooperation in the defence industry through investments and joint ventures, among other things. It also mentioned India’s contribution to defence and security in the African continent.

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