7 Jun 2020

Now that the Prelims 2020 date is out, what next???4 min read

UPSC Prelims 2020 to be held on 4th October 2020!!!

One of the most admirable things about UPSC is its meticulous planning despite the vicissitudes of time. Though it bought time to come up with a new calendar, it did come up with a workable and a pragmatic schedule. As far as our experience with UPSC goes based on the precedents and patterns of its functioning, it is going to stick to this schedule, as it seems to have wisely factored in the uncertainties associated with COVID-19.

With 120 odd days to go for Prelims, even aspirants who had 2021 as the target year and those with 2020 as the target and were underprepared will pull up their socks now and go for a preparation to the hilt. So, 2020 Prelims may or may not be tougher but is surely going to be a more competitive one.

What has been very amusing is that the dates given by UPSC has belied all expectations and prognosis made by many which was that it will be most likely held in August. Naturally when the aspirants had not expected it to be this late, their strategy is bound to have been thrown into a tailspin. But this is the time to be wise and strategize better rather than getting deterred. Hence, we are giving you some strategy that can work as guidelines for you. And these guidelines are customized according to preparedness of a student based on which they can be classified into Freshers and Experienced.

Guidelines for the Freshers

With Prelims likely to turn more competitive, you have to give 100% of your 4 months to it without further procrastination. If need be you can integrate Ethics and Essay (No optional) for 2 hours a day for an initial 40 days in your schedule giving 8 hours for GS Prelims and Mains. You can keep the entire Optional for later to cover after Prelims. This year though there are only 95 days between Prelims and Mains, one can prepare the optionals well dedicating 4 hours a day for it after Prelims as well. So, one should plan accordingly.

Guidelines for the Experienced

It is a challenging situation for the aspirants who have been preparing for more than a year as it becomes difficult for you to sustain the momentum. Experienced candidates who have given mains earlier and who have prepared decently well can focus now on Mains preparation for a month and half or so. And when I say Mains preparation, I mean the GS portions exclusively prescribed for mains like Internal Security, Governance, Ethics etc and of course the Optional.

Work on your weak areas of Mains. After a month and a half or so shift to the Prelims mode again. But do not junk your prelims preparation completely in the first leg while you are doing Mains. Allot some 30% of your study hours to Prelims on a daily basis as you should not lose the momentum you have gained by investing so many days for Prelims. By doing this your transition to prelims preparation 2 and half months or so before Prelims will be easier and smoother.

Current Affairs

Now coming to the most puzzling aspect of preparation- current affairs. Aspirants are now confused about the number of months they have to cover for the exam. Will it be September 2019 to October 2020 or one should start from June 2019 to September mid 2020? It will surely be a year and half of current affairs if I am to make a very conservative estimate. I say conservative because UPSC has brazenly moved beyond a year or two as well giving questions of 2015, 2016 in recent years. So, preparing current affairs thoroughly of at least one and half year is a must. So experienced candidates who have been preparing need not much worry about this as they might have covered it. Beginners can go for some our compilations (Capsules) or even watch our 90 videos on YouTube which give a thorough coverage of topics of a year. Pdfs are also given in the description section in YouTube for quicker revision.

And, henceforth one should keenly read newspapers till exam if you have not been doing it earlier.

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We Are With You!

We, at Manifest IAS, are coming up with the plan of 90 Days- Atma Nirbhar (Self-reliance) Plan 90 DAYS PLAN

It will help you align your preparation for Prelims according to the new calendar of UPSC. This plan will cover the entire syllabus minutely within 90 days properly streamlining and consolidating your preparation. This will have a test series integrated along with it.


Also, we have our 90+ Current affairs (Current Jots) videos which have covered the current affairs from January 2019 to April 2020. We will launch one more course for coverage of current affairs videos from May 2020 to September 2020. Now that you have got enough time supplement the videos with our subject wise current affairs capsules.

Very shortly, we are coming up with our new initiative MANIFEST-21 which will help you prepare both Prelims and Mains concomitantly. Its motto is to launch a ‘unique, smart and an efficient way to prepare. Further details of the programme will be published at the propitious time.

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