4 May 2020

Prelims Deferred! What Next?


The Journey is the Destination

 – Dan Eldon


It is more than apparent now that the time required for the situation to return to normal is not a shorter one, at least not a matter of a few days. COVID-19 cases are on a rise and it shall take sometime to get the curve flattened. Despite  the necessary steps taken by Central Government and State Governments to contain the spread of COVID-19, the cases are raising due to the less stronger resolution of the people. When times become tougher, the resolution has to be even more stronger. Particularly so in case of UPSC aspirants who have to maintain their motivation levels consistent enough to pull themselves up for some more extra hours of study.

The deferment of UPSC prelims may have been received in umpteen number of ways by aspirants. Some may be happy that they got some extra time, others who are prepared may be jaded owing to the difficulty they may face in keeping their spirits high.Those who have covered Prelims decently well can work on their weak areas in Mains (GS or Optional) for some part of the day as one is not certain whether the same gap shall be maintained between Prelims and Mains as UPSC does every year since it  has to resynchronize its schedule next year. If you are covering Mains portions do not junk your Prelims preparation completely. You should divide your day between both. And in case your preparation for Prelims  has been weak, the deferment should be read as a boon. You should prepare without further procrastination!

Whatever is the situation you are placed in PLEASE DO NOT LOWER YOUR GUARD as it is more important now than ever to be on your toes before you go for that  final prance.

The challenge is not just to keep your spirits high but also to cover some extra portions of current affairs now owing to the deferment. We at Manifest IAS are more resolved than ever to help you in these challenging times. We understand that in the last mile preparation it is very difficult to read newspapers along with your general preparation. Factoring in this difficulty of yours, we had promised that we are going to come up with the second leg of CURRENT JOTS. And we are surely doing it!

It shall cover

  1. Topics of all subjects, just as we did in the first leg, from March to the date 15 days prior to Prelims.
  2. Some very important topics of months prior to June 2019 as UPSC these days is going regressive

Yes we understand how difficult it is to sustain the preparation. But there is no alternative. We too are placed in a situation same as you are, right now. We are locked in our houses away from one another and some away from the loved ones. Keeping oneself focused becomes a task. With throttled connectivity, recording and uploading current affairs videos has not remained an easy task anymore .  We felt like sharing this not to invite sympathy but just in case it helps you pep up. The job has to be done without excuses. We will not be giving you any excuses and will be fulfilling our promises. And you too should blindly follow the strategy you have made. We suggest that you

  • Revise your hand written notes/standard books for all prelims related portions
  • Read our Current Affairs Capsules (In case you have not earlier, you can as you still have a lot of time)
  • And watch all the legs of CURRENT JOTS and revise them through the pdfs given for download.
  • Finally, dont fail to revise and solve test papers.

Keep your preparation this simple and dont burden yourself with multiple sources! Do not wait for June 5th, for  UPSC to give a date. You create imaginary goalposts and keep working.

And these goal posts should be short term goals comprising targets of 10 days. And as days pass, one will surely get a clarity on the date of likeliness of conducting the exam. Till then resolve to see your journey as the destination. You worry about your  journey, the destination will take care of itself.

Also ,we would like to remind the subscribers that our prelims tests can be taken twice on our portal. Please take better use of it. We will be at your disposal for any kind of subject-wise queries and motivation via call or messages. We shall soon come out of these tough circumstances not only as a more composed and focussed aspirant but also an individual as the world needs both- a good administrator and a good human being!!

Stay home, stay safe and stay focussed.

All the very best!!!



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