25 Mar 2020

Sagarmala Programme2 min read

Source: PIB &  Ministry of Shipping


The Sagarmala programme is the flagship programme of the Ministry of Shipping to promote port-led development in the country through harnessing India’s 7,500 km long coastline, 14,500 km of potentially navigable waterways and strategic location on key international maritime trade routes. The main vision of the Sagarmala Programme is to reduce logistics cost for EXIM and domestic trade with minimal infrastructure investment.


The vision of the Sagarmala Programme is to reduce logistics cost for EXIM and domestic trade with minimal infrastructure investment. This includes:

Components of the programme

  • Port Modernization & New Port Development: De-bottlenecking and capacity expansion of existing ports and development of new greenfield ports
  • Port Connectivity Enhancement: Enhancing the connectivity of the ports to the hinterland, optimizing cost and time of cargo movement through multi-modal logistics solutions including domestic waterways (inland water transport and coastal shipping)
  • Port-linked Industrialization: Developing port-proximate industrial clusters and Coastal Economic Zones to reduce logistics cost and time of EXIM and domestic cargo
  • Coastal Community Development: Promoting sustainable development of coastal communities through skill development & livelihood generation activities, fisheries development, coastal tourism etc. Main features of the Coastal Community Development plan consists of below:
    1. Skill development
    2. Coastal tourism
    3. Development of fishing harbours
    4. R&D in Port and Maritime Sector
  • Coastal Shipping & Inland Waterways TransportImpetus to move cargo through the sustainable and environment-friendly coastal and inland waterways mode.

Projects under Sagarmala

As part of Sagarmala Programme, more than 574 projects (Cost: Rs. 6.01 Lacs Cr.) have been identified for implementation, during 2015-2035, across the areas of port modernization & new port development, port connectivity enhancement, port-linked industrialization and coastal community development. As of 30-September-2019, a total of 121 projects have been completed and 201 projects are under implementation.

Initiatives under Sagarmala Programme to unlock the potential of Waterways

  • The Ministry of Shipping has notified licensing relaxation to foreign flag vessels for carrying transhipment containers, empty containers, fertilizers and agricultural, fisheries, animal husbandry and horticultural commodities on coastal routes.
  • The licensing Relaxation for coastal shipping to special vessels such as Ro-Ro, Hybrid Ro-Ro, Ro Pure Car Carriers, Pure Car and Truck Carriers, LNG Vessels and Over-dimensional or Project Cargo is extended till 2021.
  • Under coastal berth scheme, financial assistance up-to 50% of total project cost or maximum funding limit can be provided to the implementing agency for creation of infrastructure to promote movement of cargo/passengers by sea/National Waterways.
  • A study has been conducted in association with Asian Development Bank to prepare a perspective plan for coastal shipping and an action plan has been formulated under the topics of policy interventions, infrastructure interventions and process interventions is being implemented by the Ministry of Shipping.
  • Minimum 40% discount is offered by major ports on vessel and cargo related charges to coastal vessels.
  • To promote inland water transport (IWT) in the country, 111 (including 5 existing and 106 new) National Waterways (NWs) have been declared under the National Waterways Act, 2016.

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