21 Jan 2020

107th Indian Science CongressQuick read


Source: PIB & The Hindu

The Prime Minister inaugurated 107th Indian Science Congress at the University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bengaluru. The event is regularly organised by the Indian Science Congress Association


The Theme of the India Science Congress (ISC) this year is “Science and Technology: Rural Development”

Key highlights of the event 

  • For the first time a session on ‘Farmer’s Science Congress’ was held in ISC. This has been done deliberately with a rural development theme as the country is facing an agrarian crisis and widening gap between rural and urban areas.
  • Farmer’s Science Congress covered themes ranging from farmers innovation on integrated agriculture and entrepreneurship for doubling farmers income, climate change, biodiversity, conservation, ecosystem services & farmers empowerment to agrarian distress, rural bio-entrepreneurship, policy issues.
  • As part of the congress, a science exhibition themed ‘Pride of India’ was planned. 
  • The exhibition showcased cutting-edge tech, leading scientific products and services, path-breaking R&D initiatives, schemes and achievements of India’s foremost and leading public and private sector players, government departments, research labs, educational institutions, corporate and defence
  • Along with ISC Children Science Congress and Women Science Congress were also held 

About Indian Science Congress Association

  • The Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) owes its origin to the foresight and initiative of two British Chemists, namely, Professor J. L. Simonsen and Professor P.S. MacMahon.
  • The first meeting of the Congress was held from January 15-17, 1914 at the premises of the Asiatic Society, Calcutta

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