17 Jan 2020

SBM and Open Defecation Free status

Source: Yojana & Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs


Definition of Open Defecation Free

A city/ward can be notified/declared as ODF city/ ODF ward if, at any point of the day, not a single person is found defecating in the open. 

Necessary infrastructure and regulatory conditions to be achieved before declaring a city/ ward as Open Defecation Free:

  • All households that have space to construct a toilet, have constructed one. 
  • All occupants of those households that do not have space to construct toilets have access to a community toilet within a distance of 500 meters. 
  • All commercial areas have public toilets within a distance of 1 kilometer. 
  • Details of all Individual household toilets (IHHL) constructed from 2011 onwards will have to mandatorily be uploaded on the SBMUrban portal 
  • Pictures of all functional community and public toilets in the city, irrespective of the date of construction, will have to mandatorily be uploaded on the SBM-Urban portal.

Declarations to be submitted as part of ODF protocol: 

  • City/town ODF Declaration from Mayor/ Chairperson 
  • Ward ODF Declaration from Ward Councillors, with following sub-declarations: 
    1. Every school in a ward provides self-declaration that all students enrolled in it have access to, and are routinely using toilets at home and at school. 
    2. Every self-help group active in a ward gives a declaration that all residents of that ward have access to, and are routinely using, toilets at home.

Note: Cities once notified as ODF, can apply for higher certification only after 6 months, i.e., after the expiry date of the existing certificate

SBM ODF +(Plus)


Not a single person is found defecating and/or urinating in the open, and public toilets are functional and well maintained 

Indicative conditions

  • Toilets constructed in every house with space 
  • Community toilets within 500m (max) for households without space
  • Public toilets within 1km(max) in commercial areas/ public places

 The following protocol is to be adopted for declaring a city/ward/work circle as SBM ODF+:

SBM ODF ++(Plus Plus)

Definition of SBM ODF++ city/ward 

A city/ward/work circle can be notified/ declared as SBM ODF++ city/ SBM ODF++ ward/ SBM ODF++ work circle if, at any point of the day, not a single person is found defecating and/ or urinating in the open, all community and public toilets are functional and well maintained, and faecal sludge/septage and sewage is safely managed and treated, with no discharging and/or dumping of untreated faecal sludge/septage and sewage in drains, water bodies or open areas. 

Note: Cities that have been certified SBM ODF+ at least once on the basis of the SBM ODF+ Protocol laid down by MoHUA shall thereafter be eligible to declare themselves as SBM ODF++ and apply for certification of SBM ODF++ status, as per the conditions laid down in this protocol document. 

Necessary infrastructure and regulatory conditions to be achieved before declaring a city/ ward as SBM ODF++: 

  • All necessary conditions for SBM ODF+ (as per the SBM ODF+ protocol laid down by MoHUA) have been achieved, except that at least 25% of functional public and community toilets must adhere to the additional conditions.
  • All toilets (individual, community, and public) are either connected to: 
    1. Sewer networks; or 
    2. Safe containment systems (such as septic tanks, twin pits or other on-site sanitation 1 Work circle applicable only if the concerned area is under the jurisdiction of development authority systems prescribed by CPHEEO or under SBM-Urban Mission Guidelines), with regular emptying, treatment and/or safe disposal of septage from these toilets managed as per conditions 
  • All septic tank cleaning service providers are registered with and licensed by ULB / Development Authority / Cantonment Board, operate through a contract with the respective administration or authority in allotted areas and are utilizing well-maintained mechanized equipment. 
  • The city has issued and notified fines against persons/desludging operators dumping untreated faecal sludge in drains and/or open areas. 
  • ULB / Development Authority / Cantonment Board has notified sanitation service level benchmarks, at the least adhering to all conditions defined for SBM ODF++, in municipal by-laws (or equivalent) and published the same in at least two dailies with a wide reach.