16 Jan 2020

Hydroponic FarmingQuick read

Source: PIB & The Hindu

MSME-DI Nagpur organized 2-day Workshop on Hydroponic and Organic Farming and Fruits and vegetable processing from 16th-17th December 2019 at MSME-DI, Nagpur.

What is Hydroponic farming?

It is a new kind of farming in which the plant’s growth and productivity are controlled by water and its nutrient levels in the water. In general, it is the farming without soil and growing crops on water

The objective of hydroponic farming is to cultivate vegetables with minimal use of soil and water.

How Hydroponic works

  • In hydroponics, it takes an average of 45 days to harvest crops like lettuce, basil, and baby spinach. The same would take around 90 days when grown the traditional way. Water consumed to grow these crops is 90% less. 
  • A nutrient solution is mixed into the water in the control room. 
  • From here it is pumped into troughs which house the net pots with the crops. 
  • Since the water directly reaches the roots, it is absorbed much better and you need much less water as well since nothing is lost in the soil absorption
  • In this Plants take the nutrients from the water using sunlight, then they produce the output

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