13 Jan 2020

National Centre for Sustainable Coastal ManagementQuick read

Source: PIB & Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has set up the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM), Chennai to undertake studies and research in the area of Coastal Zone Management including coastal resources and environment.

Aims and objectives of the center 

  • Strive for being a World Class Knowledge Institution related to coastal zones, environment, resources, and processes
  • To promote integrated and sustainable management of the coastal and marine areas in India for the benefit and wellbeing of the traditional coastal and island communities, and
  • Advice the Union and State Governments and other associated stakeholders on policy, and scientific matters related to Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM).

Research divisions of NCSCM

  • Geospatial Sciences
  • Integrated Social Sciences & Economics
  • Coastal environmental impact assessment
  • Conservation of Coastal & Marine Resources
  • Knowledge, Governance and Policy, and 
  • Futuristic Research and 
  • Integrated Island Management Unit.

Services offered 

  • Shoreline change assessment & coastal vulnerability assessment
  • Coastal and marine environmental monitoring 
  • Mapping of coastal land use land cover
  • Numerical modeling of near-coastal processes
  • Preparation of coastal zone management plan
  • Post-project monitoring for specific project sites
  • The tourism carrying capacity of islands and coastal areas
  • Beach carrying capacity 
  • Coastal Regulation Zone maps at state and local levels
  • Capacity building in Integrated Coastal Zone Management
  • Preparation of Conservation Management Plan
  • Sale of data products
  • Decision Support system for Coastal Management

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