7 Jan 2020

 Organisational Restructuring of Indian RailwaysQuick read

Source: PRS India

The Union Cabinet approved the organisation restructuring of Indian Railways

Key highlights

  • Merger of Various Group A services of Indian Railways: The eight group A services of Indian Railways, such as Indian Railways Traffic Service and Indian Railways Accounts Service, will be merged into a single service called Indian Railways Management Service.
  • This is in accordance with the recommendations of certain Committees constituted on railways reforms such as the Prakash Tandon Committee (1994) and the Bibek Debroy Committee (2015).  
  • Reorganisation of Railway Board: The Railway Board will be reorganised on the basis of functional lines of Railways. 

Composition of the Railway Board: 

  • It will have a Chairman, who will act as the Chief Executive Officer. 
  • It will have four members responsible for (i) infrastructure, (ii) operations & business development, (iii) rolling stock, and (iv) finance, respectively. 

Some independent members in advisory role will also be appointed to the board. Currently, Railway Board consists of a Chairman and members along the departmental lines.

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