6 Dec 2019

Steel Scrap Recycling Policy 

Source: PRS India

The Ministry of Steel released the Steel Scrap Recycling Policy

About the policy

  • The policy seeks to provide a framework to promote the establishment of metal scrapping centres for processing and recycling of steel scrap generated from various sources such as appliances and vehicles. 
  • The policy provides guidelines for collection, dismantling and shredding activities in an organised, safe, and environment-friendly manner

Roles and responsibilities of various agencies 

The policy describes the roles and responsibilities of collection centres, dismantling centres, scrap processing centres, and the government as follows:

  • Collection centres: Collection centres include individuals, local scrap dealers, and distributors engaged in the collection of scrap. The collection centres may also assist the processing centres in initial segregation and sorting of scraps. The collection centres may work closely with processing centres for compliance to the scrap specifications and codes prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). 
  • Dismantling and processing centres: The dismantling and scrap processing centres will be required to adhere to the existing rules related to factories and other industrial norms. These centres will be required to comply with various regulations related to environment, pollution control, occupational safety, and management of waste including hazardous waste, among others. 
  • Government: The Ministry of Steel will work towards promoting:
    1. Ease of doing business in setting up scrapping centres
    2. Research and development
    3. Skill development
    4. Development of quality standards, and 
    5. Creation of a competitive market in the steel scrapping sector. 
  • An Inter-Ministerial Coordination Committee will be set up with representation from various Ministries and Departments including:
    1. Steel
    2. Road transport and highways
    3. Heavy industry
    4. Environment, and 
    5. Labour. 

The Committee will monitor the operationalization of the policy and enforcement of related regulations.