3 Dec 2019

World Fisheries Day

Source: PIB & India Today

World Fisheries Day is celebrated on the 21st November every year to demonstrate solidarity with all fisherfolk, fish farmers and concerned stakeholders throughout the world and to highlight the importance of healthy oceans ecosystems and to ensure sustainable stocks of fisheries in the world.

World Fisheries Day celebration in India 

  • It started in 1997 where “World Forum of Fish Harvesters & Fish Workers” meet at New Delhi leading to the formation of “World Fisheries Forum” with representatives from 18 countries and signed a declaration advocating for a global mandate of sustainable fishing practices and policies. 
  • The event aims to draw attention to overfishing, habitat destruction and other serious threats to the sustainability of our marine and freshwater resources. 

Fisheries in India

  • India has over 8,000 km of coastline, and an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of over 2 million sq km, and extensive freshwater resources. 
  • Thus, fisheries play a vital role in the economy of the country with the practice contributing about 1.07 per cent to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product)(as in 2018).
  • Fisheries in India makes up to 5.3 per cent to agriculture and allied activities.