3 Dec 2019


North East Special Infrastructure Development Scheme(NESIDS)

Source: PIB

North East Special Infrastructure Development Scheme (NESIDS) has been approved by the Government of India as a new Central Sector Scheme in 2017


The broad objective of NESIDS is to ensure focused development of North East Region by providing financial assistance for projects of (a) physical infrastructure relating to water supply, power, connectivity and specially the projects promoting tourism and (b) social sector for creation of infrastructure in the areas of primary and secondary sectors of education and health. 

Key features

  • Under the Scheme 100% centrally funding is provided to the State Governments of the North Eastern Region for the projects of physical infrastructure 
  • North East Special Infrastructure Development Schemes (NESIDS), fully funded by the Government of India, is taken up to fill up the gaps of infrastructure in certain identified sectors of the Region. 
  • The NESIDS will accord focus on the exploitation of the huge tourism potential of the area by way of strengthening related infrastructure and will also give emphasis on the creation of an infrastructure of social sectors like health and education.
  • Only those projects would be considered for funding under the scheme which are not supported under any other scheme of Central or State Government. 
  • Duration of NESIDS is 3 years(2017-18 to 2019-20)

Funding arrangement:  

  1. The funds under NESIDS will be allocated to States on the basis of Normative Allocation at the beginning of the Financial Year. However, funds will be provided for the ongoing projects under NLCPR so that they are completed by 2019-20.
  2. If any of the States are not in a position to absorb the funds, their allocations maybe diverted to better performing States