29 Nov 2019

National Institute of Sowa-Rigpa (NISR) at Leh2 min read

Source: PIB

The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister approved the establishment of the National Institute for Sowa-Rigpa in Leh as an autonomous organization under the Ministry of AYUSH


The objective is to establish the National Institute of Sowa-Rigpa (NISR) as an apex Institute for Sowa-Rigpa with aim of bringing a valid and useful synergy between Traditional Wisdom of Sowa-Rigpa and modern science, tools and technology. It will help to promote interdisciplinary research & education of Sowa-Rigpa.

About NISR

  • The Institute will be an autonomous National Institute under the Ministry of AYUSH with the mandate to undertake interdisciplinary education and research programmes in Sowa-Rigpa in collaboration with premier national and international Institutes and facilitate the integration of different systems of medicine.
  • The setting up of the National Institute of Sowa-Rigpa would provide an impetus for the revival of Sowa-Rigpa in the Indian Sub-continent. The Institute will also provide opportunities for students of Sowa-Rigpa not only in India but also from other countries.
  • After setting up of NISR, the synergy among the existing Sowa Rigpa Institutions – Central University of Tibetan Studies. Sarnath, Varanasi and Central Institute of Buddhist Studies, Leh, Union Territory of Ladakh. which are under the administrative control of Ministry of Culture and NISR will be established
  • This will facilitate quality education, scientific validation, quality control & standardization and safety evaluation of Sowa-Rigpa products, standardized Sowa-Rigpa based tertiary health delivery and to promote interdisciplinary research & education of Sowa-Rigpa at undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral levels.
  • The National Institute of Sowa Rigpa would identify the best Sowa-Rigpa treatment – including their standard procedures-within the framework of traditional Sowa-Rigpa principle and possible co-relation with bio-molecular western medicine in providing health care facilities to the general public.

About Sowa-Rigpa

  • Sowa-Rigpa is a Traditional Medical system of the Himalayan belt in India. It has been popularly practiced in Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Darjeeling (West Bengal), Himachal Pradesh, Union Territory of Ladakh and now all over India.
  • It has been originated from Tibet and popularly practiced in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, and Russia. The majority of theory and practice of Sowa-Rigpa is similar to “Ayurveda”.
  • Sowa-Rigpa is based on the principle that bodies of all the living beings and non-living objects of the universe are composed of five Cosmo physical elements of Jung-wa-nga (Prithvi, Jal, Agni, Vayu, and Akash).
  • When the proportion of these elements is an imbalance in our body, disorder results.
  • It was recognized by the Government in 2011.

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