27 Nov 2019

The Indian Institute of Skills (IISs)Quick read

Source: PIB


The objective of IISs is to provide advanced skills in highly specialised areas such as defence, aerospace, oil and gas and to develop highly skilled technical manpower to meet the demands of organisations that are currently operating and are likely to set up their production/manufacturing and business facilities in India

About The Indian Institute of Skills (IISs)

  • The Indian Institute of Skills (IISs) was conceptualized to address the above mentioned issues and to develop state of art skill institutions. 
  • The vision behind setting up IIS is to build world-class skill training centres by learning from and imbibing best practices from internationally renowned existing skill institutions. 
  • IISs are envisaged to have the unique features that would make them different from the existing setup of Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), Polytechnics, Advanced Training Institutes (ATIs) (which are now known as National Skill Training Institutes).

New IISs

The Union Cabinet has approved the proposal of setting up of IISs at three locations in the country at Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), Mumbai (Maharashtra) and Ahmedabad (Gujarat) on Not-for-profit Public Private Partnership (N-PPP) basis

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