11 Nov 2019

National Water Mission(NWM)Quick read

Source: PIB & India Environment Portal

NWM is one of the eight missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change. It aims to ensure sustainable water supply by conserving water, minimizing waste and ensuring equitable distribution of water resources throughout India. 

Goals of the Mission

NWM has 5 goals and 39 strategies prescribed in the Mission Document. The goals are;

  1. Comprehensive water database in public domain and assessment of the impact of climate change on water resource
  2. Promotion of citizen and state actions for water conservation, augmentation, and preservation
  3. Focused attention to vulnerable areas including over-exploited areas
  4. Increasing water use efficiency by 20%
  5. Promotion of basin level integrated water resources management

The mission document also aims to formulate river-linking projects. Since water is a state subject, the mission identifies the need for states to prepare their state-specific plans of action. It envisages that the respective State Specific Action Plans (SSAP) would be required to conduct critical assessments of current water policies in the states, formulate water budgets, create comprehensive and integrated water plans for water security, safety and sustainability till 2050

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