11 Nov 2019

National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency(NMEEE)

Source: Press Information Bureau & Bureau of Energy Efficiency

It is one of the eight national missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC).

The Mission is implemented since 2011


NMEEE aims to strengthen the market for energy efficiency through the implementation of innovative business models in the energy efficiency sector.

Initiatives under the Mission

NMEEE consist of four initiatives to enhance energy efficiency in energy-intensive industries which are as follows:

  • Perform Achieve and Trade Scheme (PAT): Implementing a market assisted compliance mechanism to accelerate the implementation of cost-effective improvements in energy efficiency in large energy-intensive industries
  • Market Transformation for Energy Efficiency (MTEE): Accelerating the shift to energy-efficient appliances in a specific application through innovative measures to make the products more affordable.
  • Energy Efficiency Financing Platform (EEFP): Facilitating Financial Institutions to invest in Energy Efficiency Projects and Programmes
  • Framework for Energy Efficient Economic Development (FEEED): Developing fiscal instruments to leverage financing for Energy Efficiency through risk mitigation:
    • Partial Risk Guarantee Fund for Energy Efficiency (PRGFEE) and
    • Venture Capital Fund for Energy Efficiency (VCFEE) to promote energy efficiency
    • National Energy Conservation Award and Painting Competition