16 Oct 2019

National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT) SchemeQuick read

Source: Press Information Bureau

Ministry of Human Resource Development has announced a new PPP Scheme, National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT) for using technology for better learning outcomes in Higher Education

The objective

  • The objective is to use Artificial Intelligence to make learning more personalized and customized as per the requirements of the learner. This requires the development of technologies in Adaptive Learning to address the diversity of learners.
  • There are a number of start-up companies developing this and MHRD would like to recognize such efforts and bring them under a common platform so that learners can access it easily. 
  • Educating the youth is a National effort and MHRD proposes to create a National Alliance with such technology developing EdTech Companies through a PPP model

Key highlights

  • Facilitator:  MHRD would act as a facilitator to ensure that the solutions are freely available to a large number of economically backward students.
  • National NEAT platform: MHRD would create and maintain a National NEAT platform that would provide one-stop access to these technological solutions. 
  • EdTech companies would be responsible for developing solutions and manage the registration of learners through the NEAT portal. They would be free to charge fees as per their policy.
  • As their contribution towards the National cause, they would have to offer free coupons to the extent of 25% of the total registrations for their solution through the NEAT portal. 
  • MHRD would distribute free coupons for learning to the most socially/economically backward students.
  • Implementing agency: AICTE would be the implementing agency for the NEAT programme.
  • Apex committee: The scheme shall be administered under the guidance of an Apex Committee constituted by MHRD. Independent Expert Committees would be constituted for evaluating and selecting the EdTech solutions.
  • MoUs will be signed with the shortlisted EdTech companies. Awareness programs would be taken up by MHRD to create awareness of the NEAT solutions to teachers and students.
  •  MHRD proposes to launch and operationalize NEAT  in early November 2019.

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