8 Oct 2019

Agriculture Grand Challenge

Source: Kurukshetra Magazine

Key highlights

  • The Agriculture Grand challenge is a unique opportunity for Agri-tech start-ups to solve some key challenges which are being faced by in the Agriculture sector in India. 
  • The Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, with Invest India, has identified 12 key problem statements which range from providing a fair price to the farmer to the creation of yield estimation models that can be used by farmers. 
  • Two solutions, at the idea stage and ready-market stage, for each problem statement will be shortlisted under the program. 
  • The idea stage start-ups will get incubation support to go from idea to prototype while the ready market solutions will get to be part of a market access program, aimed at easy adoption of their innovation.

The key problem statements are:

  1. Development of a simplified, sensor-based quick testing method to test nutrients and micronutrients in soil
  2. Real-time assaying and quick solution for eNAM to effectively handle huge lots of agricultural commodities
  3. Development of e-Marketplaces to connect food processors with agripreneur/farmers to bridge the value gap-Farm to Fork model
  4. Price forecast system for Pulses/ Oilseeds/ Potato/ Onion/ Tomato at the time of sowing
  5. Dissemination of information to the last mile-Agriculture Extension, Scheme information, processes, handholding support for benefit under different Government schemes
  6. Yield estimation modeling at the village or farm level
  7. Use of technology in sorting/ grading/ increasing the shelf life of agricultural produce(fruits, vegetables, flowers)
  8. Use of technology to test adulteration of fresh produce
  9. Availability of small agricultural implements/ micronutrients/ certified quality seeds through online/ call center interface- Custom Hiring Centers
  10. Technology to substitute the use of pesticides and insecticides to prevent pre-harvest losses
  11. Enhancing Agricultural productivity in India
  12. Alternate usage of Paddy Straw