16 Sep 2019

ISRO Technical Liaison Unit at Moscow

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Source: Press Information Bureau


Department of Space has instituted technical Liaison Units, namely ISRO Technical Liaison Units (ITLU) at Washington, USA, and Paris, France with the prime objective to liaise with various Government and space agencies in the USA and Europe, respectively. Space cooperation has been one of the major links between India and Russia almost from the beginning of the space era and currently, both sides are actively pursuing interactions in diversified areas of the space programme. Apart from intensifying cooperation with Russia, India has expanded its space cooperation with countries near Russia. This calls for extensive uninterrupted coordination & interface support for increased level international technical collaboration

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister has approved the setting up of ISRO Technical Liaison Unit (ITLU) at Moscow, Russia

Key highlights & benefits

  • The ISRO Technical Liaison Unit (ITLU) at Moscow will enable effective technical coordination for timely interventions on diversified matters with Russia and neighbouring countries for the realization of the programmatic targets of ISRO. 
  • The Liaison Officer, deputed at ITLU from ISRO provides technical information about the developments in research and technology and inputs arising from their meetings with researchers, government agencies and industries in the respective countries. 
  • They also support the ongoing bilateral programmes of cooperation in space technology and act on behalf of ISRO on the matters referred to.
  • The ITLU Moscow office would be managed by an ISRO Scientist/Engineer designated as “Counsellor (Space)” on deputation, deputed from ISRO and supported by a staff locally sourced. The process is planned to be completed within six months from the date of approval


  • ISRO will be able to collaborate with Space agencies/industries in Russia and neighbouring countries for mutually synergetic outcomes.
  • ISRO’s Gaganyaan programme requires the development of some of the key technologies and the establishment of specialized facilities, which are essential to support life in space.
  • Keeping in view the 15th August 2022 timeline for the realization of the Gaganyaan human space programme, it is prudent to avail technical cooperation from International space agencies, who have already demonstrated their technical capabilities in specific areas.  Russia, being one of the space-faring nations, it is envisaged to collaborate with Russia extensively in various fields of relevance.

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