6 Aug 2019

Earth Observation Satellite – RISAT 2B

 SourcePress Information Bureau and ISRO website

Key highlights about the satellite

  • RISAT-2B is an indigenously developed Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Imaging Satellite operating in the X-band.
  • It was launched by PSLV-C46
  • RISAT-2B is a radar imaging earth observation satellite weighing about 615 kg.
  • Can operate in different modes: The highly agile satellite is capable of operating in different modes including Very High Resolution RADAR imaging modes of 1m x 0.5m resolution and 0.5m x 0.3m resolution
  • In order to increase the number of imaging opportunities, the satellite is placed in an inclined orbit
  • Can be operated in all time: As, RISAT-2B is a Radar Imaging satellite; it can be operated effectively during day / night / all weather conditions
  • Control of the satellite:  ISRO Telemetry Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) at Bengaluru assumed control of the satellite.


  • RISAT-2B is an advanced Earth Observation satellite with an advanced technology of 3.6m radial rib antenna
  • The Satellite will be used for high resolution spot imaging of locations of interest.  
  • Apart from this, data from RISAT-2B will also be utilized for agriculture applications and disaster management support.
  • Applications of X-Band SAR imagery include Hydrology, Crops, Forestry, Geosciences and Cryosphere.
  • During the time of exigencies, very high resolution, day/night/all-weather imaging capabilities of RISAT-2B could be utilized for Disaster Management Support