5 Aug 2019

Technology Development Programme3 min read

Source: Press Information Bureau

One of the key objectives of the Department of Science and Technology is to promote technology development in various fields. The Department has been supporting technology development projects under its Technology Development Programme (TDP). 

The Programme supports activities aimed at developing and integrating technologies to evolve technology systems both in the advanced/emerging areas and in traditional sectors/areas. Under the Programme, feasibility of fresh ideas/ concepts is assessed for their potential conversion into useful technology/product.

The main objectives of the program include:

  • Support R&D for development of innovative technologies in identified areas.
  • Promote application of advanced technology for improving the performance and value addition to existing technology.
  • Capacity building in the area of technology development in terms of human resource and infra-structure.

The sub schemes of TDP are:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) aligning to Make in India
  • Biomedical Device and Technology Development Program (BDTD) aligning to Swasth Bharat
  • Device Development Program (DDP) aligning to Make in India
  • Science and Heritage Research Initiative (SHRI)
  • Technology Development Program (TDP) aligning to Make in India
  • Technology Mission for Indian Railways (TMIR) aligning to Make in India
  • Waste Management Technologies (WMT) aligning to Swachh Bharat and Smart City

The mandate of Technology Development Programmes (TDP) is 

  • To convert proof-of-concepts for development of pre-competitive/commercial technologies/ techniques/ processes. The commercialization of these technologies needs further assessment/incubation, which does not fall in the scope of the Technology Development Programme. 
  • Transfer of technology developed under the project to the industry should ideally be the onus of the host institutions. Proposals of incremental R&D over the existing technologies may be considered for support. 
  • Theme based concept proposals for proof of feasibility will not be considered under TSDP-DST. Only full fledged complete proposals for development of technology/process/product will be considered under TSDP. 
  • Projects related to design and development of Software/IT, as required for products and processes, as a part of technology development project shall be considered. Pure software development does not fall in the scope of the programme. 
  • Technology upgradation of Industry Clusters in select areas should be taken up under TSDP. The proposals where in all/most of the comments are negative will be considered by the Committee, in absentia. The proposal where in the project cost is less than Rs.30:00 lakhs will be considered, in absentia

The Programme has two major objectives:

  • Development and integration of technologies in identified areas.
  • Promote application of advanced technology for improving the performance,value addition and exportability of various products

The specific objectives of the Programme are to:

  • develop and integrate technologies following a holistic approach in identified areas 
  • promote application of modern/advanced technologies to socio-economic problem solving 
  • encourage developments in application of R&D activities;
  • promote activities aimed at improving technology, technique, material, methods and other appropriate activities conducive for development of technology status in identified areas

Focus of the programme 

  • Products or technique/process/technology aimed at specific end use
  • User (industry, artisans, cooperatives etc.) involvement and association.
  • Applied research and development

Core areas for inviting proposals under TDP

Some of the typical areas in which Proposals can be submitted are;

  • Glass and Ceramics Technology Up-gradation., 
  • Molecular/Biomolecular Electronics/Conducting Polymer and Biosensors, 
  • Waste (Plastic, Hospital & Electronic) 
  • Utilization and Management,
  • Laser/ Plasmas/ Microwave Technology, Development of technology for Alternate Fuels, 
  • Fuel Conservation, Efficient Utilization of Fuels,
  • Innovative Civil Infrastructure Technologies etc.

 The above list is not exhaustive and Proposals in other innovative areas are equally welcome if the activity is perceived to be useful by DST for technology advancement in the country and is not being taken up under any other major R&D programmes of the Government of India

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