5 Aug 2019

Technology Development FundQuick read

Source:TDF website

Technology Development Fund (TDF) has been established to promote self-reliance in Defence Technology as a part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative. It is a programme of MoD (Ministry of Defence) executed by DRDO meeting the requirements of Tri-Services, Defence Production and DRDO

The TDF programme covers the following technology development in terms of:

  1. Significant up-gradation/improvements/ further developments in the existing products/process/application etc
  2. Technology readiness level up-gradation from TRL3 onwards to realization of products as per Tri-Services requirements
  3. Development of futuristic technologies/innovative products which can be useful for the defence applications
  4. Import substitution of components whose technologies does not exist with the Indian industry

Eligibility for TDF

  • Indian private and public industries, including MSMEs.
  • Projects up to INR 10 Crores are eligible for funding; subject to a maximum of 90% of the entire cost of the project. However, 100% of funding may be considered on a case-to-case basis.
  • In the event of research organisations or academia being involved in the work, their contribution is limited to 40% of the efforts

Key features 

  • The scheme will be limited to development of technologies or prototype of product having potential use for the Services and typical development period of two years.
  • The scheme encourages participation of public/private industries especially MSMEsso as to create an eco-system for enhancing cutting edge technology capability for defence application.
  • The scheme will cover funding through provision of grants to industry that may work in collaboration with academia or research institutions to carry out innovation, research and development; such chosen entities will be referred to as Development Agencies (DAs). In cases where academia or research institutions are involved, their work involvement cannot exceed 40% of the total effort required

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