4 Aug 2019

SCHOLARSHIP for All India Prelims Test Series-20203 min read

Tradition is not always bad! There are many things in the tradition which deserve continuation. One such good thing was the scholarship test that we conducted in January this year for our Intensive Prelims Programme. We are now repeating that tradition, the scholarship test for our Prelims Test Series. We believe that such scholarship tests breed healthy competition, attract talent and also help the talented few who are in need of financial help

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Why should you take the scholarship test?

It is a springboard for students to join one of the best test series (It is not we who say this but our Test Series which we conducted from January to April speaks for itself). We were able to target 60+ questions in Prelims this year. Click here for proof of the claim

Details of the scholarship test:

  • The scholarship test is scheduled for 11-August-2019.
  • The scholarship test can be taken online or in offline mode.
  • The offline test will be conducted from 8.30 AM (Shift 1)  and 11 AM (Shift 2) at our institute in Bengaluru (Registration is must to attend offline test – form is available at the end of this post)
  • To participate in the offline Scholarship Test you have to register in the form below by 10- August- 2019 (Available on first come first serve basis).
  • The online test can be taken online at prelims.manifestias.com between 8:00AM to 8:00PM on 11-August-2019.
  • The test will be followed by an Online Assessment (Score and Brief Synopsis) immediately after the test.
  • There will be a detailed discussion of question paper from 2PM at the institute. Online students can watch the discussion on youtube or on our online test portal from 8PM

We always believe and subscribe to the idea that,

complacency is an evil that kills even the strongest

The faculty at Manifest is always on their toes to improve. By analysing the results of this year, looking at the competition and the challenges that this exam throws at students, we decided to take the preparation strategy of this exam one notch higher. We have designed a new exam portal for Prelims Mock Tests which gives you unique insights and takes you far ahead of the competition. It is a fine amalgamation of technology and academic ability. The portal uses data analytics to give actionable inputs to students.

NOTE: Our present Prelims Test Series students can also avail the discount by participating in the test. Integrated Test Series students who get rank in top 200 can avail the discount and not otherwise as you already had a discounted price.

Following are the Unique Insights of our Online Test Portal

@ prelims.manifestias.com

Answering Approach 

How many questions which you attempted through knowledge, elimination and random method worked in your favour?

Through the above inputs, an aspirant can derive a pattern of what worked. This will help you avoid the method which did not work well, which usually turns out to be guesswork or poor knowledge

Preparation Strategy insights

Which particular topic and subtopic are you weak?

More importantly, you are also provided with a graphical representation of your subject-wise and topic-wise performance. They will clearly get to know which topic of what subject are you poor in! Hence, you can allot time accordingly to that particular topic

Attempt strategy insights

Do you struggle with time management? 

This last section of the report card addresses this issue it helps the students in understanding his time usage pattern and the score he is attaining for the time he is spending.

What makes us UNIQUE? 

Presently, most test series just give you your score and leave the students to their own to analyse their mistakes. This takes hours and sometimes days! This approach has the basic flaw of giving Marks to students and not teaching them the method to improve. Students with low scores typically go through periods of low self-esteem

Manifest IAS has the Vision of creating a portal to tackle such challenges. Using our portal, this analysis is simplified through the use of Data Analytics. We know how important both time and marks are for UPSC aspirants. Each second matters and 0.66 marks matter too

This attempt let Manifest IAS and Data Analytics help you learn better and power your preparation

Also follow us on our official telegram channel for all the updates about the test

Take a demo test now @ prelims.manifestias.com

You can attend online directly on 11th August @ prelims.manifestias.com

Register here to attend offline test

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11:00 AM BATCH

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