10 Jul 2019

Anthropological survey of India

Source: Press Information Bureau

Anthropological survey of India and its research work related to tribal development

Research projects  conducted by Anthropological Survey of India during the last five years on the impact of Government developmental and welfare programmes on contemporary Indian tribal communities are;

  • Bio-Cultural Diversity, Environment and Sustainable Development. 
  • Man and Environment, (2012-2016) 
  • Development and Sustainability, (2017-18)
  • Community Health, Disease and Genetic Structure of Indian Population (2015 onwards) 
  • Anthropological Study of Denotified, Nomadic and Semi Nomadic Communities (2018-19).

About Anthropological Survey of India

  • Anthropological Survey of India is the only research organisation to pursue anthropological research in a Governmental setup. 
  • The Anthropological Survey of India’s genesis was from the Zoological and Anthropological section of the Indian Museum, which became the Zoological Survey of India in 1916. 
  • In 1945, Anthropology section of the Zoological Survey was carved out to become the Anthropological Survey of India (An.S.I) 

Principle objectives

  • To study the tribes and other communities that form the population of India both from the biological and cultural point of view
  • To study and preserve the human skeletal remains, both from modern and Archaeological.
  • To collect samples of arts and crafts of the tribes of India.
  • To function as a training center for advanced students in anthropology and for administration.
  • To publish the results of the researches