3 Jun 2019

CSAT journey from 2011Quick read

When CSAT was introduced in the year 2011, there was a sudden plunge of engineers into the Civil Services Exam. As it was biased towards the urban and English medium students (as alleged by one group of aspirants), CSAT paper was made qualifying. There started the gambling with this paper. In 2015 and 2016 the paper was easier and suddenly in 2017 it was made difficult. Again in 2018, the paper was easier. In this sine wave of easy and difficulty, the students started hazarding this paper in the shadow of GS paper. This year the paper was on tougher side in line with 2017 paper.

When it comes to preparation the aspirants keep on postponing the preparation until end. When an aspirant can’t plan her/his preparation until March, there comes a factor of testing the luck in the paper. Finally, when the paper comes tough, the aspirants will be worried of this paper instead of counting GS Paper.

So, don’t push your preparation until March. Have a discipline of working on this paper right from the starting. Start practicing 5-10 questions on daily taking 30 minutes out of your GS schedule. We, at Manifest IAS, will help you out with the preparation for CSAT paper throughout the year. If you are interested in CSAT classroom programme, come and register with us. We will conduct a full fledge classes from the month of September for which we will put the schedule in advance. That programme will include:

  • 60+ Hours of Classroom Teaching includes
    • 30+ Hours for Quantitative Aptitude
    • 20+ hours for Logical Reasoning
    • 10 hours for English Comprehension
    • 4 hours of Data Interpretation
  • Classes will accommodate the students to learn, revise and practice the concepts well.
  • Revision Test before each class.
  • Class Test in each session.
  • 4 section-wise Full length tests + 4 Simulated tests.
  • Pedagogy based on the visualization of the problems as real-life problems, not based on formulae.
  • Shortcuts and tricks to arrive at solutions in quick time.
  • Comprehension is done in a manner to help students to improve their overall comprehension skills to understand the editorials and other news.

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