June 2019

Manifest IAS in the past 8 months has brought a sea change in the preparation for Civil Services by way of its classroom programme, test series and free online content. In spite of our heavy workload, we were able to provide Manifest 11 articles with great continuity.   

They were considered a welcome relief by many from the drudgery of the daily current affairs compilations and questions which disorient the student from the UPSC way. They create an unnecessary sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) which breeds anxiety and pressure on the students preparation. We wanted to make the preparation process a joyful experience for the aspirant from the current punishment it is.

This made us to start a Manifest 11 initiative, through which, we use our discretion to select the most relevant topics of the exam from The Hindu. These articles which are handpicked from The Hindu were of a great help to our online and offline students We were able to separate the grain from the chaff and help students in the process of preparation.  

Manifest 11 provided to the students is a multidimensional analysis on a given issue, with a clear Manifest Pedagogy section wherein, we give an explanation to the students as to why we picked a particular topic and its importance with respect to examination. Apart from this we were also providing weekly questions of very good standard through our Manifest Mains Challenge and were also conducting a weekly Manifest Quiz. We later added to them the Manifest Vlog component which provided the aspirants a thorough discussion of the Manifest Mains questions. 

Though our initial intention was to make Manifest 11 a Prelims Cum Mains current affairs issue students were using Manifest 11 exclusively for Mains. By the nature of the articles and multidimensional analysis it had, we too thought that we can consider them to be Mains oriented. 

One shortcoming of our Manifest 11 initiative was, it was not an all-encompassing feature. We were using The Hindu exclusively for the articles and going by the standard of the UPSC paper we understood that we have to increase our coverage for Prelims. Some of our students also had to fall back upon some irrelevant compilations for the sake of coverage.

In order to address these concerns, Manifest IAS is coming up with a Manifest Snippets section which covers PIB, PRS, Yojana and Kurukshetra and RSTV Big Picture debates in current affairs section. In covering these sources too, we give utmost importance to UPSC Discretion which will cut down the amount of material to be covered by an aspirant. Manifest Snippets articles will cover all possible topics from a prelims perspective. The topics covered in snippets will be posted every day(except Saturday & Sunday) and will be segregated according to the Manifest 11 sections(except Ethics). 

Our Fortnightly Manifesto will also include a section on Manifest Snippets from now on.  

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