26 May 2019

In the run up to Prelims2 min read

What we are waiting for is not as important as what happens to us while we are waiting”  Trust the process

It’s time to be calm and trust the process. Ones who trust their preparation will make it big. The months or years of preparation will not go wasted. You have read enough, revised enough and practised enough. It’s time to perform enough.

It’s not time to get panicked or to stress yourself. It’s not time to listen to one who fears you or one who discourages you. It’s not time to read new things or buy new books.

It’s time to revise the whole syllabus one more round or a couple. It’s time to trust your knowledge, your strategy and your mentor. It’s time to gather as much courage and confidence as possible. It’s the time to ignore the materials, advices and persons which make you discouraged. It’s time to say that the questions are going to come only from the areas you have read and the books you have covered. It’s time to sharpen your weapon. It’s time to internalise the strategy you have practiced.

It’s not about how many questions you attempt but how many you get correct. Don’t set a number of attempts in your mind before you see the paper. The sureshot questions that you solve in the first round should tell you about the number of questions that you have to attempt. If the question paper seems difficult for you, then it’s difficult for everyone. The same way it is true with an easier paper. Less than 60 attempts is not going to get you the Mains call. It doesn’t mean that you have to attempt 90 or 95. Depending upon your perception of the paper, you are going to decide that number.

Your approach has to be in rounds starting from no risk to low risk to medium risk (No risk means sure shot questions and medium risk means applying logic when you have less knowledge about a question). If there is neither knowledge nor logic behind attempt of any question, then that question is going to cost you more. Guessing has no room in this exam. Try to avoid it at all the time. Guessing with emotions is foolishness and guessing without logic is gambling.

Finally it’s all about the two hours that you to spend in the exam hall. Nothing should worry you in those 120 minutes. You will get more than a minute to think intensively about each question. Don’t let your emotions to overtake your knowledge or logic. Nor let your ego come between you and your paper. It’s fair if you don’t know few questions. Ignore them. Make maximum out of the questions that you know.

You have read enough, revised enough and practised enough. It’s time to perform.

The war is over before the day of war“. Eat healthy, sleep well and think positive. Don’t try to compromise your food and sleep on the day before exam. If you compromise, the fatigue will trouble you in the Paper 2. Try to relax in the gap between papers(Do not discuss about Paper 1). Carry water and some chocolates to the exam hall so that you are fresh throughout.

You are going to do well at any cost. ALL THE VERY BEST!!!

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