December 2018

Plastic Pollution

Manifest Pedagogy Plastic is a primary pollutant which affects the environment in many aspects. The types of plastics and their ill effects...
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Manifest Pedagogy GST is to be covered keeping the following aspects in mind: 1) Distribution of resources between Centre and states (POLITY)...
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Tiger Conservation

Manifest Pedagogy Environment as a discipline needs to be studied at two levels Environmental science Environmental Governance The above  topic is related...
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Manifest pedagogy Kashmir problem needs an integrated study and hence, this issue has be dealt in different articles. In the last write-up...
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Indo-Maldives relations

Manifest pedagogy Maldives, though a small country is important from 2 perspectives : It is a neighbouring country It is located in...
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Old Age

Manifest Pedagogy Social Issues need to be study at two levels Issues and their impact on the society and in turn Society’s...
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