19 Nov 2018


Class on 3rd December 2018 is open to all!!! 

250 MARKS!! Test yourself before UPSC Tests You !!


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        Aspirants these days heavily bank on Ethics and Essay paper other than their optional to score well in the mains examination. The essential reason for this is the uncertainty about questions in other papers compared to essay and ethics.  It is also easier to get a hold over these papers even with lessor effort when compared to other papers.

        But achieving this today has slightly become tougher due to two reasons. One, there is a strong misconception running in the market about essay as a paper. There is no clear idea as to what really an essay is, how an essay is different from GS? How it is different from your optional answer? Many a times it happens that an aspirant feels he/she has actually done well in essay. But, when the marks come out the story is vice-versa! The fundamental reason for such a disjunction between the expectation of the aspirant and the marks they get is because of the wrong notions they harbor about what an essay is.This is further given a push by different opinions in the market about what constitutes an essay.

        The second hurdle today is one created by UPSC in recent years. Since students were getting a leverage in mains due to good performance in ethics and essay, the new hurdle is through restricting the choices which aspirants have in choosing an essay. Earlier one amongst four essay were to be written among a choice of disciplines and themes. The toughest section for the students is generally one relating to ethics and philosophy. This year all choices were to be made amongst the philosophical approaches giving student no option but to know the approach. Thus, clearly the choices are no longer offering variation to bank upon particular optional subjects.

Manifest IAS has designed the entire essay programme keeping these things in mind. The programme consists of three different things:

  1. Classes on essay writing
  2. Class discussion on those essay topics
  3. Evaluation of “essay test” by the permanent faculty of Manifest IAS through one to one appointments.

 What is dealt in classes on essay writing?

  1. Changing trends in essay themes will be analyzed
  2. General approach to essay writing will be given where in what exactly constitutes essay will be taught
  3. Approaches to different kinds of essays will be taught as a philosophical essay cannot be written the same way as we write an essay on a topic of geography.
  4. Class discussion on essay topics will include:
  5. Approach to the essay
  6. Expert’s ideas on the essay topic
  7. Higher and wider dimensions on the same topic which will help the aspirant fetch higher marks over others.

What does evaluation and one to one mentoring include?

  1. Personalized inputs to every aspirant by the faculty itself who are engaging the class
  2. Individual shortcomings and needs of aspirants being different, the guidelines given in class will be customized according to the ability of the aspirant.
  3. Most importantly Manifest IAS believes in “Attacking the thought process” more than what is already written on paper. Once fundamental changes are made in the thought process of an aspirant by personalized inputs, he/she will be capable of handling any topic anytime.

Comprehensive coverage through Foundation and Concept Building

  • Classes to orient thinking, writing and structuring in the required framework
  • Total of 8 Practice essays with classroom discussion
  • Appointments with Faculty and real time assessment of your Essays
  • Time Management and Presentation Skills

* all essays are evaluated by the Faculty

Why should you join this Programme

Essay is an integral part of UPSC. we find that most students struggle in some aspect of essay writing be it political, economic, social or philosophical aspects. Previously, UPSC used to give choice among the aforementioned topics. However, UPSC has stressed more on philosophical sections in recent papers where the candidates find it difficult to fall back on GS and their optional preparation.

Manifest IAS combines domain expertise with each section being discussed by subject Experts. Moreover, the Rigorous  class orientation combines with practice tests make for an ideal test environment to handle what one has to comprehend when it matters the most!

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