5 Nov 2018

MANIFEST PEDAGOGY – Looking beyond the IssueQuick read

Manifest Pedagogy – Looking beyond the Issue

What is Manifest Pedagogy?

After an issue dealt under Manifest 11 there is a section of Manifest Pedagogy. It may not be compulsorily given after every issue!

It’s an expert’s perspective on the overall issue discussed. It gives you:

  1. Technique behind the compilation of the material behind the issue.
  2. Alternate perspectives on the same issue which are generally not available anywhere.
  3. Sometimes even a write up is included in these alternative perspectives. These are UPSC exam related articles on the topic which will include analysis of the whole issue and also points which when included in the answer give you an edge over others.
  4. Finally Manifest Pedagogy is based on the overall vision and mission of the institute. Gives you a peak into the methods and techniques of thinking and learning.

These methods and techniques would be implemented on a larger scale in all the subjects in our classroom programs.

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